Xenoblade Chronicles 4 Plans Shared By The Creator

It will be something very different from what has been done before.

It’s already been over a year since Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was released on the Nintendo Switch and four months since it got its Future Redeemed DLC. Now, creator Tetsuya Takahashi has given some insight into what a Xenoblade Chronicles 4 game might look like, with a big twist.

If there is another Xenoblade, it will probably be something very different from what was done before. In terms of style and music, I would like to make it something that will betray everyone’s expectations, in the good sense of the word.

Tetsuya Takahashi

Previous Xenoblade Chronicles games have been action-RPG games with full parties and various classes that characters can specialize in. What Takahashi Tetsuya means by changing the style and music for a potential Xenoblade Chronicles 4 remains to be seen, but there are a few avenues it could go.

For instance, it could be a character action game akin to Platinum Games’ offerings like Nier Automata, Bayonetta, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. It would fit with how often the protagonists of Xenoblade Chronicles games have some big melee weapon. It could also still be made to fit the RPG angle with multiple equipable weapons.

The music in character actions games would also be much different from regular action RPG-style games like Xenoblade. The character action music is usually fast-paced, intense music intended to hype players up, which would also be different from normal Xenoblade games.

Considering that the Xenoblade Chronicles series has had the same gameplay style for three games, it would be suitable for a possible Xenoblade Chronicles 4 to change things up regarding gameplay style to keep things fresh. If a fourth game follows new characters like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 did with Rex, it could also be a good jumping-on point for players interested in the story but not the gameplay.

However, a Xenoblade Chronicles 4 will end up happening. Hopefully, it will retain the same quality the past three games have, even if it takes the series in a new direction that might subvert people’s expectations. Until then, however, all we can do is wait and hope that Monolith Soft eventually announces a fourth game.


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