Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Rex Guide

Rex is a playable character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and is the game’s main protagonist. He is a Driver and the wielder of the legendary Aegis Blade named Pyra.

The following guide covers everything you need to know about Rex, including his location, stats, blade, favorite items, affinity chart, and costumes. We will also discuss his heart to hearts.

Rex Location in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Rex and his mother found themselves washed up on the coast of Fonsett Village, where the townsfolk raised him.

Then by 15 years of age, he returns to Cloud Sea to work as a Salvager. During the visit to the Argentum Trade Guild, where the Chairman of Argentum offers him a lucrative salvaging job, he joins the crew, boards the C.S.E.V Maelstrom, and heads to the Ancient Ship.

Rex Stats

Level  Health   Ether Cap  Agility  Luck  Strength Dexterity
1       280 16 22 15 15 31
99, including Affinity Chart 7194 408 235 386 388 310
99, without modifiers 6994 388 215 366 368 310

Rex will also have the following Idea Stats:

  • Level 0 Justice
  • Level 2 Truth
  • Level 1 Compassion
  • Level 0 Bravery

How to Build Pyra/Ageis Sword

Pyra is the game’s female protagonist and is the legendary Ageis Blade, which allows the user to harness fire elemental abilities. The Default Core Chip of Pyra is the Lead Chip.

Pyra is unlocked in Chapter 1 of the game after slaying the Megalo Aligo boss you face in the Ancient Ship.

Pyra or Ageis will be Rex’s primary and strongest weapon. This sword processes a great topple, powerful position damage boost, and top base attack.

How to Use Pyra/Ageis Sword

When using the Ageis Sword, equip the following arts to use with it:

Sword Bash

This may be the most powerful Art if you consider its added effect. It has the shortest cooldown time and the quickest animations, so giving the advantage over the two Position Arts.

Double Spinning Edge

This may be more powerful than Sword Bash; however, its bonus effect is considerably weaker. It has a longer animation time and a longer cooldown as well. Adding to the fact that it has a greater block or miss chance, making repeated uses difficult.

Rolling Smash

This will help reduce aggro on you as this Art processes the highest base damage.

Anchor Shot

This may be the most effective Topple Art in the whole game. Adding on top of its excellent range, speed, and small cooldown time, the fact that this is Rex’s only topple makes it a no-brainer. Plus, it also allows you to use H.P. potions without topple.

Rex Heart to Hearts

In Xenoblade Chronicles, 2 Rex is the character who participates in the most Heart to Hearts. He can take part in each of the following twenty:

  • “Tora’s Tribe”
  • “Unforgiving Terrain”
  • “Legendary Land”
  • “Life Goes On”
  • “Little Rex”
  • “Rub-a-Dub-Dub”
  • “A Tora and Poppi Production”
  • “Before the Storm”
  • “Dromarch’s Wisdom”
  • “Eternal Rest”
  • “Five Centuries of Memory”
  • “Hard Life”
  • “The Real Gramps”
  • “Tora’s Angst”
  • “Ardainian Technology”
  • “Bold Adventures”
  • “Burgeoning Curiosity”
  • “By the Graveside”
  • “Constants”
  • “Morytha the Unknown”

Rex Favorite Items

The Pouch Item types that Rex prefers are Art and Drinks.

Rex’s Favorite Pouch Items are:

  • Coral Reversi (Board Games)
  • Pan-Fried Tartari (Meats)

Rex Affinity Chart

You will find the following skills in Rex’s Affinity Chart:

Tier Name S.P. Effect
1 Rescue 500 When revving your teammate, H.P. restored is increased by 15%.
  Rapid Attack 1 750 At the start of the battle, the user can access Driver Art assigned to X.
  Reflex Response 250 User’s Agility increased by 20.
  Ether Studies 625 User’s Ether increased by 20.
  Muscle Builder 375 The user’s Strength increased by 20.
2 Gramps Blessing 1000 User’s Luck increased by 20.
  Combo Enhance 2000 Canceling auto-attack will increase the damage ratio by 20%.
  Picture of Health 1500 User’s H.P. restored increases by 10%.
  Arts Chain 3000 Allows usage of Driver Art when you cancel a Driver Art.
  Rapid Attack 2 2500 At the start of the battle, the user can access Driver Art; assigned to Y.
3 Drive to Win 3000 Every critical hit the user delivers fills some of the Party Gauge.
  Rapid Attack 3 2500 At the start of the battle, the user can access Driver Art assigned to B.
  Ultimate Relay 4000 The user’s attack power ratio increases at the beginning of a Chain Attack.
  Lively Lad 2000 User’s max HP is increased by 200.
  Topple Champ 6000 The time for Topple is increased by 15%.

Hidden Affinity Chart

You will find the following skills in Rex’s Hidden Affinity Chart:

Tier Name S.P. Effect
1 Cheer Up 2500 Winning any Special Button challenge will increase the User’s Affinity by 25%.
  Prediction 5000 User’s Dexterity increased by 20%.
  Fight or Flight 6250 Opponent’s Break Resist decreases.
  Shadow Strike 3750 User’s damage when doing a surprise attack is increased by 50%.
  Further Ether Studies 7500 User’s Ether is buffed by 10%.
2 Pre-empt Moves 10000 User’s Dexterity increased by 10%.
  Eyes on the Prize 5000 User’s Agility increased by 10%.
  Combat Boost 15000 Canceling auto-attack with Driver Arts will Restore 3% of the user’s H.P.
  Herbalism 12500 Effect of potions buffed by 20%.
  Inherit Muscle 7500 The user’s Strength is increased by 10%.
3 Relentless Spirit 30000 Gives a 50% to survive attacks with 1 H.P. remaining. Also gives 5-second invincibility (one-time battle use).
  Gramps’ Auspices 10000 User’s Luck receives a 10% buff.
  Heart Recharge 25000 Recharge rate for specials buffed by 20% when canceling.
  Solidarity 15000 Getting an excellent score during a Special fills some of the Party Gauge.
  Child of Steel 20000 User’s Max HP is increased by 10%.

Rex Costumes

Rex has three additional costumes for you to change into. These costumes can only be accessed through the DLC Aux Cores, which are obtained via the Challenge Battle Mode.

The alternate costumes for Rex are:

  • Prototype Suit Rex
  • Cloud Sea King Rex
  • Cloud Sea Shark Rex

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