Where To Find Slender Flamii Bones In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Slender Flamii Bones are a type of resource that you can find in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. They are one of the more important resources in the game because you need Slender Flamii Bones to craft powerful gems to improve your characters.

Since crafting gems is a major part of the progression system of Xenoblade 3, you will be in search of Slender Flamii Bones as soon as you come across a gem recipe.

The following guide will explain where and how to find Slender Flamii Bones in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How To Get Slender Flamii In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Slender Flamii Bones can be harvested from the Flamii animal which has made appearances in several installments in the Xenoblade franchise. Returning players will hence be fairly familiar.

Flamii will be seen in the earlier part of the game before you go to the next location. These animals are found before you go to the Fornis region in Aetia. To get to the animal, head to the east of the Millick Ravine Way landmark.

After getting to the location, you’ll spot a lake where you’ll see some Flamii birds flying over the lake. There’s bird that is at level 14 has a name. You need to be careful of the fact that how powerful your character is before you start executing the birds.

If your level is not high, start from small birds and gradually aim for big birds. But if you’ve come to this place after getting to a suitable level, you can charge on the named Flamii, Migratory Circe, with ease and take it down.

Each of the birds has a chance of dropping the Slender Flamii Bones. You can come to the location multiple times to collect more and more bones by using Skip Travel.

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