Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Traversal: How to Unlock Wall Climbing, Rope Sliding, Scree Walking, Hazard Neutralization

Traversal Skills can be really helpful in the world of Xenoblade, allowing you to cover great distances and overcome environmental obstacles with ease. This guide will cover all the traversal abilities in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and how to unlock them.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Traversal Skills

There are 4 types of Traversal skills in Xenoblade that will help you in exploration. These traversal skills mentioned below are unlocked as part of the story or when you recruit a character. Unlocking traversal skills in XC3 typically involves liberating a certain colony.

After unlocking, the following traversal skills can be used by any of your party members in XC3

  • Wall Climbing
  • Rope Sliding
  • Scree Walking
  • Hazard Neutralization

How to Unlock Wall Climbing

You will be able to climb the purple section of a wall after you have liberated Colony 30.

How to Unlock Rope Sliding

You will be able to slide on the ropes after you have liberated Colony Tau.

How to Unlock Scree Walking

This ability allows you to run up steep slopes without sliding down. This can be unlocked by liberating Colony Gamma in Going Beyond Power questline.

How to Unlock Hazard Neutralization

This ability allows you to take no damage when walking over hazardous surfaces. It can be unlocked by doing side quests at Colony 4 which will unlock the hero quest of Segiri, which will lead you to Colony 0.

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