Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Ouroboros Guide

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Interlinking allows the fusion of two party members to form a more powerful individual known as Ouroboros. The Ouroboros state gives them access to a whole new skill set, giving them an advantage over their opponents. This guide will break down all the characters you can fuse and how to utilize their kits through the Ouroboros system of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Which Characters Have Ouroboros?

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, there are a total of 6 characters that can perform the Ouroboros. The Ouroboros form will activate depending on which characters are active. The Characters with the ability to transform into Ouroboros forms are

  • Noah
  • Lanz
  • Eunie
  • Mio
  • Taion
  • Sena

Noah and Mio

XC3’s main characters Noah and Mio both can fuse with different strong abilities depending on who’s the active character.

That said, Noah’s Ouroboros focuses entirely on offense, dealing massive damage with his powerful abilities and arts and also increasing your chances for doing critical hits.

As for Mio’s abilities, she focuses much more on evasion and can deal some serious damage if used correctly.

Eunie and Taion

Rather than focusing on massive damage, Eunie and Taion focus entirely on giving buffs and debuffs to other party members.

Eunie Ouroboros form takes on a supporting role giving heals and major stat buffs to the entirety of the party.

As for Taion’s abilities, he focuses on applying status effects to the foes you encounter that can help you easily deal with tough situations.

Lanz and Sena

Lanz focuses himself on defense, protecting himself and his party from direct lethal hits. Meanwhile, Sena’s ouroboros focuses on dealing high damage and also knocking down her foes.

How to Use Ouroboros Mode in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

There are two types Ouroboros Modes in XC3 that you can use in battle

  • Ouroboros Interlink
  • Ouroboros Chain Attack

How to Use Ouroboros Interlink

Once you unlock the ouroboros interlink in Xenoblade 3, you will be able to select between characters you want to use as an Ouroboros, then press the Left D-Pad button to engage the Interlink to convert them to their Ouroboros form.

While in the ouroboros state, these Ouroboros arts can be used for infinite amounts of times when interlinked, so it’s best to utilize them in this state.

Apart from its unique Ouroboro arts, you can also use talent arts while in this state that can be used for building up the gauge. The gauge fills up by using Arts, but it can also be collected by canceling attacks.

You can switch between interlinked characters when in your Ouroboros form by pressing the Up D-Pad button to switch to another form.

How to Use Ouroboros Chain Attack

You will be to use Ouroboros Chain attacks after you unlock the Agnus Squad Ouroboros forms and complete Chapter 3 of the main story. This is a series of 2 special chain orders that deal a massive amount of damage when completed.

After unlocked, if anyone of your characters manages to reach interlink level 3 during combat, you will be able to perform Chain attacks while in Ouroboros form. You can use Fusion Arts to increase the interlink level and enhance the Ouroboros.

It is a bit difficult to use Fusion Arts repeatedly; that is why it is recommended to use interlink as much as you can in the early-mid chapters of the story to raise your level efficiently.

Aside from the chain attacks, you can also get Ouroboros Chain orders in a simple chain attack by completing orders for the interlinked characters. You will know that you have unlocked an Ouroboros chain order when you spot a colored ring around the reactivation screen.

How to Upgrade Ouroboros

Upgrading the Ouroboros in Xenoblade 3 requires a special type of currency. Soul Points is used to purchase upgrades, skills, and arts that are available for your Ouroboros.

You can mainly farm SP by completing quests, discovering special landmarks, and opening the containers you encounter in the world of XC3.

Once you have accumulated enough SP, you will then focus on upgrading your Ouroboros from the Soul Tree.

You will prioritize these type of skills in the Soul Tree

  • Learn Skill: Ouroboros have no skills when you initially start. Prioritize on these to gain a large boost in power
  • Heat Control: Heat Control is scattered out in the entirety of the Skill Tree. Upgrade them to reduce the overheating of your Ouroboros for a longer duration.
  • Enhance Art: In the mid-late game, you will need lots of damage output from your Ouroboros form. Upgrading Enhance Art will also strengthen your primary source of damage.

How to use Soul Link

Since Ouroboros links between two characters, the soul link will allow you to share two of your upgrades from the paired character’s Soul Tree, allowing them to increase in power. There are, however, a few Ouroboros upgrades that can and cannot be linked in XC3.

The Upgrades that can Soul Linked are,

  • Learn Art
  • Enhance
  • Enhance Skill
  • Enhance Talent

The Upgrades that cannot be Soul Linked are,

  • Raise Ability
  • Learn Skill
  • Heat Gauge

Ouroboros Combat Tips and Tricks

Below we have mentioned a few things that can be done to give you an edge over your opponents to deal massive damage and increase your survivability while using Ouroboros form in XC3.

Using Ouroboros Form to avoid damage

While it is ideal to wait until interlink 3 to transform, there are few encounters that require you to dodge continuous or burst damage coming from your enemies. If you are at low HP and have an active aggro on you, consider transforming to become immune to damage.

This tactic can be ideal for dealing with foes with the high Enrage Phase. However, while in Ouroboros form, you won’t be recovering any HP even when healed by your allies. So, you will revert to the same HP you transformed.

Do Not Pair up Healers or Defenders

If you have either one healer or defender in your party, do not pair up with them. This avoids the problem of one pair transforming and leaving the party with either no heals or no tanks to take damage.

Canceling Attacks into Arts to Charge Ouroboros Talent

In order to charge up the Ouroboros Talent Art (A button), make sure to cancel your attacks into Arts. Since Ouroboros skills have no cooldown at all, you can just spam chaining attacks into Arts until your Talent is charged and ready.

Pay Attention to the Overheat Meter

Every Ouroboros in Xenoblade 3 has a time limit. It gradually builds up in the form of Overheating meter until a certain point. Actions such as using Arts also speed up the process as you chain your arts.

You can view how much heat Ouroboros is generating from the bottom left corner of the screen. Once the bar has been filled, your Ouroboros form will revert and go into the cooldown mode, which will make it inaccessible for a time.

To avoid a longer cooldown time, you can cancel your Ouroboros form before it overheats, making the cooldown timer short. This will help you switch back to Ouroboros form much quicker and utilize it with maximum efficiency.

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