Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Moebius K Boss Guide

This guide will walk you through the Moebius K boss fight in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and provide tips and tricks to defeat him.

While playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3, players will encounter many enemies on their way. While some are easy to tackle, others cost you a lot of energy and sweat. Similar is the case of Moebius K Boss, who players will encounter in Chapter 2 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. This guide will walk you through the Moebius K boss fight in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and provide tips and tricks to defeat him.

How to Defeat Moebius K in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Moebius K Boss is one of the many bosses players will face while playing XC 3. You’ll cross your paths with this boss while youre in Racine’s Platter in the Fornis region during Chapter 2.

This boss fight is comparatively tougher than the bosses you’ve met previously in Xenoblade 3 as it comes in two phases, with Consul K transforming into the killer Moebius K. However, with the tips and tricks below, you’ll be able to take it down in no time.

First Phase – Consul K

In the first phase of the boss fight, players will come across Consul K. He will be fighting players and using his Colony 4 Fire Support Art to rain down some brutal fire projectiles on the fight arena. To avoid these, players will constantly have to move around the area and dodge these.

These are usually targeted at a single party member, so whoever is being targeted must run for their life, or they might deal a lot of damage and suffer from Daze.

While the boss does that, he will also call Bodyguard, who will then ask the Keves Soldiers to emerge for his aid. At first, when Consul K uses this Art, it will only summon one Keves Blocker; however, as the fight gets more heated up, he will use this Art more frequently with more than one Keves Soldiers emerging alongside some rescuers too.

Players need to take them down by advancing constant attacks and deadly Arts, or else they will crowd the arena, eventually taking you and your party down.

We recommend using the Interlink option to transform Noah and Mio into Ouroboros form. It will make them bigger and stronger for some time before the heat gauge fills up.

Consul K also has the Sonic Straight Art that lets him punch the ground in front of him and send a wave of damage to targets in a straight line.

To avoid this attack, players must closely look at the boss and when he’s about to punch. As soon as he lifts his hand to hit the ground, run away from that direction to avoid contacting the waves.

Consul K also has the Hellbound Hammer attack, which when he executes, will swing his huge hammer towards his targeted member, causing Topple and inflicting major damage.

Again to avoid that, players can run out of the radius before he’s about to swing his hammer, or they can also start attacking him to interrupt the attack.

Keep attacking the boss until he reaches his Enraged Point. From here onwards, instead of relying mostly on Colony 4 Fire Support and Bodyguard attack as his main Arts, he will combine all other arts and spread absolute chaos in the battle arena.

Keep providing damage to the boss with your own Arts and use Group Healing to recover your members who have a low HP.

As the fight gets heated, Consul K will summon three Keves soldiers by using Bodyguard every time. Take them down and fight the boss with your team until a cutscene triggers.

Second Phase –Moebius K

After the Cutscene ends, you’ll know that you and your team will be facing Moebius K in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, who’s more of a tough competition than Consul K.

However, you’ll also soon learn that you have the upper hand in this second phase of the boss fight, as both of your team pairs can now interlink. Just as Noah and Mio were able to interlink during the first phase, now Eunie and Taion can do the same.

Moreover, both Eunie and Taion have high healing power stats, which will help your team stay stronger during the fight.

Moebius K has a completely different set of Arts from the Consul K form. Starting with Mighty Orb, this attack lets the boss shoot an elemental orb at a single target. When it hits a member, not only does it impacts their tanks, but it also affects them with the Shackle Blocking debuff.

This debuff prevents your character from blocking. Unfortunately, this is one of his deadly Arts, and players will have to evade it.

Moebius K in XC3 also has the Muscle Knockout Art, which is also equally damaging as Mighty Orb. It lands multiple attacks on a single target and gives them deadly damage. In addition, it inflicts Daze on them, leaving them out of action for a good minute.

Players who are under target must block the attack using their arts, and if they can’t do so, they should be running to save their lives. Although the damage is moderate, being out of action puts you under threat of more harm.

Like Consul K’s Sonic Straight attack, Moebius has a stronger version of this attack called the Mega Sonic Straight attack. Players cant really stop the boss from releasing this attack; instead, they can avoid it by dodging and evading it.

Alongside this, the boss also has the Victory Pose Art, which lets him flex his muscles and gain a buff. While he flexes, players can execute their attack on him and provide him with massive damage.

Although the boss has a shield that will resist damage from him, try catching him off guard and releasing as much damage towards him as possible.

Finally, Moebius also annoyingly has Power Recovery Art, which restores his HP when he is near death. Use your Topple Combo or execute a Chain Attack whenever he’s doing that. This will interrupt his process and let you bring him down.

Apart from using your Arts, Group Healing, and dodging to get away from the boss’s attacks, we highly recommend frequently interlinking between the characters and using the huge Ouroboros. This will give the boss a tough time alongside the bombardment of various attacks that you advance from your end to finally put Moebius K down.

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