Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Lost Vanguard Guide

Lost Vanguard is one of the defender class types in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The class is all about protecting allies by using shields and arts.

In addition to its impressive defense stats, Lost Vanguard is also able to provide a bit of support by smashing enemies with a mace. The overall damage though is obviously minimal, but something to have on the battlefield just the same.

The following guide will tell you how to unlock and use the Lost Vanguard class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How To Unlock Lost Vanguard

The default character of Lost Vanguard is Monica and thus in order to unlock the class, you need to unlock Monica.

To do so, you need to complete her hero quest called Vandham’s Heir which becomes available in Chapter 5. There will be several parts to this quest. You will have to finish an investigation and find three artifacts before you gain access to Monica and with her, access to the Lost Vanguard class.

Best Lost Vanguard Characters

As the class is a type of Defender, the characters for it need to be as tanky as possible so that they can take as many hits as possible. Lanz and Sena are the characters that are best suited for Lost Vanguard as they have high defense and HP.

Best Lost Vanguard Arts

The Arts that increase the aggro generation are suited best for Lost vanguard. Below you’ll find the Arts that are best for Lost Vanguard to perform well in the battles and provide the defense that you need.

Combat Arts

Shock Wave
This is a Physical Attack type Arts and has the tendency to throw back any enemy that is using the Arts in the battle.

Taunt Pulse
It is a stance type of Art that delivers unstopped damage to the enemies that are inside a fixed radius and draws more aggro. It is an Art of great essence in Lost Vanguard and is highly recommended.

Mighty Beat
It is a Physical Attack type of Art that gives a boost to aggro generation by 50% when an Art is used.

Master Arts

Below are the recommended master arts for Lost Vanguard in XC3

  • Crash Out (Heavy Guard, Rank 1)
  • Solid Stance (Heavy Guard, Rank 10)
  • Gale Slash (Lone Exile, Rank 1)

Best Lost Vanguard Master Skills

The more time Lost Vanguard spends on the battlefield the more strong it gets. The Master skills that help Lost Vanguards to last longer on the battlefield and play the role of a good defender are stated below

Defensive Soul
It is a Master Skill of Rank 5 and has the ability to increase physical defense by 10%.

Natural Selection
It is also a Rank 5 Master Skill and decreases the damage received by 20% when the HP gets below 30%.

Best Vanguard Accessories

A must-have for a Defender class is the huge amount of HP and high Block Rate. Taking them into consideration, below are the best accessories for Lost Vanguard.

Iron Temple Guard
It increases the maximum HP limit.

Heavy Weak Guard
This provides an increase in Block Rate.

Lazure Vambraces
It increases the aggro generation from auto-attacks.

Best Gems for Lost Vanguard

Keeping the Defender Class in consideration, the best-suited gems are chosen to give a rise to the HP and damage-taking capacity.

It increases the maximum HP limit

Brimming Spirit
It increases the aggro production from the Arts

Ultimate Counter
It is a highly recommended gem and has the ability to give damage when received.

Lost Vanguard Arts List

Talent Arts

Thunder Steel
It has a power multiplier of 500% with a frontward AOE. It has a role action recharge with a recharge gauge of 3. It gives a rise of 70% to the damage that is dealt to a machine.

Combat Arts

It has an auto attack recharge with a power multiplier of 180%. With a recharge gauge of 7, it has the tendency of knocking back the enemies that are using Arts.

Geo Breaker
It has a power multiplier of 195% and increases the aggro production by 70% when using Arts. It has a recharge gauge of 3 with auto attack recharge.

Taunt Pulse
It gives steady damage to the enemies within a range and increases aggro production.

Bolt Flinger
With a medium range of effect, the Bolt Flinger has a recharge gauge of 8 with an auto attack recharge.

Lightning Strike
This Art increases the aggro production by 70% while using an Art. It has a power multiplication of 325% and a recharge gauge of 7.

Mighty Beat
It increases the aggro production by 50% with the use of Arts. With a power multiplication of 165%, it has a recharge gauge of 4 and has auto attack recharge.

Shield Wall
It has a recharge gauge of 8 and recovers the lost HP by 3% periodically.

Electro Field
With a small range of effects, it has an Armor Veil buff. It has a recharge gauge of 8 with an auto attack recharge.

Master Arts

Shield Wall
It has a master rank of 5.

Mighty Beat
It has a master rank of 10.

Thunder Steel
It has a master rank of 15.

Lost Vanguard Skills List

Com an’ Get Me!
It gives 100% of the damage to the enemy while blocking and drawing aggro.

Now That’s Tactics!
It gives a boost to TP by 5 at the beginning of the Chain Attack.

Never Again!
It reduces the damage taken by 10% within a range.

Stay Right There
It gives a 10% chance to inflict Knockback on assailants while damage is being received.

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