Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Fiona Best Arts, How to Recruit and Use

A recruitable Hero in Xenoblade Chronicle 3, Fiona from the Agnus nation starts off with the Signifer and serves the role of the healer in your party. This means she can not only heal and provide support to allies in battle but also uses a spear to attack and she is a good mid-ranged attacker too. This guide will tell you how to unlock and recruit Fiona in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 as well as the best ways to use and play with her.

How to Unlock Fiona

To unlock Fiona, you have to complete a Hero Quest known as ‘Transparent Dreams.’ To get this quest, you have to go to Conhrock Beach in Cadensia region when you are at chapter 5 of your game.

How to Use Fiona

Fiona has certain strengths and certain weaknesses in XC3. Her strength is that she has a Signifer class which grants her the ability to have stronger buffs for herself and as well as for her teammates. She is really good at passing the regeneration on to her friends.

The weakness is that she only provides buffs. No matter how many arts and skills you equip her with, they are pretty much of no use. If she is in the team, don’t expect her to fight well. But yeah, she is best for healing purposes.

However, there are certain combos that you should try when playing with Fiona, like Resonant Flag. This combo enables her to pass the regeneration onto her teammates. In this particular case, we would want her to pass that regeneration with an unbreakable heart. The problem is that she runs on Artificial Intelligence and you have no surety that she will do that 100%.

Talking about her Talent Arts, Cry of Faith is the only one. The Cry of Faith Talent Art in Xenoblade 3 gives you a buff when you use it with a full charge. It gives you a slighter upper hand in a battle. You are going to enjoy this art as you would want to see what buffs will come up.

Best Arts

The early best arts for Fiona in XC3 are explained below:

Resonant Flag

  • Area of Effect: All Allies
  • Attack type: Buff
  • Effect: gives own buff to the teammates

Unbreakable Heart

  • Area of Effect: Area of Effect around user
  • Attack type: Set Field
  • Effect: Field RoE (Range of Effect) – small

Lightning Passion

  • Area of Effect: One Target
  • Attack type: Physical Attack
  • Effect: enhances the damage dealt each active buff

Fiona’s talent art Cry of Faith can also be highly useful to provide buffs to friendly characters:

Cry of Faith

  • Area of Effect: All Allies
  • Attack type: Buff
  • Effect: it applies 2 arbitrary buffs to all allies

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