Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Classes: How to Unlock Best Classes

The more options we have, the more confused we get with what to choose. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 offers it’s player a wide variety of classes to choose from and with each class bringing a new set of abilities to the table. In this guide, we will explain in detail everything about how you can unlock the best classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, along with a general introduction to classes.

How To Unlock Classes in Xenoblade 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 features tons of special classes that are combinations of your everyday attacker, defender, and healer classes. Each class comes with its own set of special skills and abilities.

Classes in Xenoblade 3 cannot be unlocked directly; rather, they can be unlocked by recruiting heroes in XC3 on your team. Every hero belongs to a specific class and once you recruit them, you will be able to use their class abilities.

Although it’s not as simple as it seems. Only a specific person known as the “Class Inheritor” can use the hero’s class. The rest of the party will have to build affinity with that specific hero in order to use that specific class.

Since classes in Xenoblade 3 are linked to heroes and the only way you can unlock them is by unlocking heroes, below, we have mentioned how you can unlock every class in XC3.

Swordfighter: Can be unlocked after completing The Hillside Hulk quest in Chapter 2 of the main storyline.


Ogre: Can be unlocked after completing The Hillside Hulk quest in Chapter 2 of the main storyline.

Flash Fencer: Can be unlocked after completing No Want Of Courage Hero Quest.

Yumsmith: Can be unlocked after completing “A Napon’s Counsel” quest during Chapter 3.

Full Metal Jaguar: Can be unlocked after completing the “A Gray Matter” quest during Chapter 3.

Stalker: Can be unlocked after completing the “Natural Selection” quest during Chapter 4

Incursor: Unlocked after completing the “Her Reasons” quest during chapter 3.

Seraph: Can be unlocked after completing “A Twist of Fate” quest during Chapter 6.

Machine Assassin: For this class, you will first need to complete the “Severed Connection” quest and then “Inhumanity” during Chapter 6.

Royal Summoner: Can be unlocked after end-game credits.

Zephyr: Can be unlocked after completing The Hillside Hulk quest in Chapter 2 of the main storyline.

Heavy Guard: Heavy Guard can be unlocked after completing The Hillside Hulk quest in Chapter 2 of the main storyline.

Guardian Commander: Can be unlocked by completing the Where The Heart Is Hero Quest

Lone Exile: Unlocked after completing “The Wrath of Ashera” quest during Chapter 4.

Lost Vanguard: Can be unlocked after completing “Vandham’s Heir” quest during Chapter 5.

Medic Gunner: Can be unlocked after completing The Hillside Hulk quest in Chapter 2 of the main storyline.

Tactician: Can be unlocked after completing The Hillside Hulk quest in Chapter 2 of the main storyline.

War Medic: Can be unlocked after completing The Kind Right Hand Hero Quest.

Thaumaturge: Can be unlocked after completing Going Beyond Power Hero Quest.

Strategos: Can be unlocked by liberating Colony Lambda during Chapter 4.

Signifer: Unlocked after completing the “Transparent Dreams” quest during Chapter 5.

Soulhacker: Can be unlocked after completing the “Doing it My Way” quest during chapter 5.

How To Change Classes

Changing your class in XC3 is a rather simple process. Since you inherit classes from a hero so in order to change your class, all you need to do is recruit the hero belonging to that class.

You need to keep in mind that if you are not the class inheritor for that specific hero, you won’t be able to use that class until you have built your affinity with that class.

Best Classes for Each Role in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Every party in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 must have at least two attackers, two healers, and two defenders. To keep the balance and to take on any kind of challenge but this can vary depending upon everyone’s playstyle.

Although there is no such thing as the best class or the best character belonging to a specific class, there are situations where a certain hero puts you at an advantage and there are situations when the same hero can put you at a disadvantage.

It all depends upon the situation and the playing style. That is why we have put together a list of all the best classes belonging to each category and also explained why they are best in certain situations.

Best Attacker Classes

Flash Fencer: Due to the reason that flash fencer attacks are swift, fast, and deadly, it is one of the best attacker classes. Flash Fencer has the ability to boost damage dealt during the first 30 seconds of that battle. This makes it easy to get the upper hand early on in the battle. Flash fencer’s abilities also work well with most other classes.

Incursor: Incursor is the class that is focused on landing as many critical hits as possible. It is highly capable of taking down big enemies with large health pools, mostly during the mid to late game. Along with all of this Incursor class is best known for its chain attacks.

Ogre: Ogre is one of the most versatile classes in this category and if you don’t know what class to go for, you can always choose the Ogre. Ogre’s arsenal consists of heavy attacks that can knock back enemies, but they are rather slow.

Best Defender Classes

Guardian Commander: This class is truly worthy of the name tank as it can take pretty much all of the damage from the enemies and its art features Self HP Restoration so it can also gain some of its lost HP. On top of that, it also has the ability to become invincible for a short period of time so if the enemy is planning to launch a big attack, you can block that using that ability.

Zephyr: Most of the defender classes work around the principle of absorbing the enemy’s attacks, but Zephyr’s attacks revolve around giving everyone so much agility that no attack is able to hit you. Due to this unique reason, Zephyr is one of the best defenders in the game.

Lone Exile: If you have been using the Guardian Commander and now want to try the same skills but with more attention to the offense, this class is for you. Lone Exile has some of the best class skills such as “Returning the Favor” which will deal 250% of the damage dealt to your ally, back to the enemy.

Best Healer Classes

War Medic: If you want to give everyone on the team an instant health boost and want the best of the healing abilities present in the game then War Medic is your go-to. War Medic’s AOE heals are unmatched by any other healer class and are a must-have for every party, making it one of the best healer classes.

Signifier: Although this class is not the best on its own. However, when used in combination with another healer class, this is where it really shines. Signifier provides the whole team with useful buffs that can improve the overall damage throughput of the team giving them the upper hand.

Thaumaturge: If you are looking for a more versatile healer then this class is it. With teams, good healing capabilities, and better offensive attacks, Thaumaturge is the all-rounder for the healer class.

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