Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Heroes List: How to Unlock Best Heroes

In this guide, we will discuss all about heroes and how you can unlock them in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Having another set of hands on your team is always beneficial and if you can swap your abilities with their mid-fight, I guess we can call it a win-win for everyone. Heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are non-playable, yet they can become a part of your team and provide you with their abilities.

Heroes in XC3 don’t belong to regular classes; they are part of special hybrid classes that are much more useful than your average attacker/healer class. In this guide, we will discuss all about heroes and how you can unlock them in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How To Unlock Hero Classes

Heroes are non-playable characters that are an excellent addition to your 6-member party. These are characters you unlock as you make your way through the story and decide to lend you their powers by becoming a part of your team.

You will first unlock heroes when you complete one-third of the second chapter of the game. At that point, you will meet Valdi who will teach you and your party an important exploration skill and you will be able to take part in Heroes Quest.

The majority of the Heroes Quests are completely optional and can either be completed or can be completely avoided but there are some you will have to complete in order to move forward in the story.

You will unlock mostly heroes as you progress through the story. Each hero belongs to a specific class and when one joins your party one of the players in your party will become the class inheritor for that hero.

Class Inheritors are players who can immediately switch to the assigned hero’s class at any point during the battle. Apart from other Class Inheritors, other players can also make use of the hero’s abilities by playing with them in their party long enough that their hero meter fills up.

Once the hero meter for a specific hero fills up, their abilities will be available to all the players in the party. You can check the hero meter by simply going to Character > Class where you will see the hero meter for all heroes.

How To Unlock Best Heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Now that we know what heroes are and how they work, let’s talk about how you unlock the best heroes possible in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Unlock Ethel

Class: Ethel is a Flash Fencer that will fill the role of an attacker on your team.

How to Unlock: You will unlock Ethel early on in the game while completing the No Want of Courage quest in the main campaign.

Ethel’s arsenal is filled with swift and powerful attacks that can quickly and easily take down enemies. It is best to use her buff art in combination with the main attack so you can deal the maximum amount of damage.

How to Unlock Zeon

Class: Zeon is a guardian commander that will fulfill the duties of the defender for the team.

How to Unlock: Zeon will be unlocked when you liberate Colon 9 while completing the main campaign.

Zeon belongs to the Guardian Commander class that eats up the majority of the enemy’s big attacks and then uses that power to fill up the talent art gauge and then finally releases all of that power in form of a special attack.

How to Unlock Valdi

Class: Valdi is the War Commander and fills the spot of the healer on the team.

How to Unlock: You can unlock Valdi by liberating Colony 30.

Valdi is not your average healer and can immediately give the whole party a health boost during a fight in form of AOE heals. Valdi is a must-have for every party due to the War Medic’s abilities.

How to Unlock Teach

Class: Inscrutable Teach belongs to the Thaumaturge class and is the healer of the party.

How to Unlock:  Can be unlocked by liberating the Colony Gamma.

What’s better than a healer and a fighter? A hybrid of both. Inscrutable Teach is the best pick if you can’t decide whether you want to be a healer or a fighter. On top of all their abilities, he can put up a veil that can defend all the teammates.

How to Unlock Gray

Class: Belonging to Full Metal Jaguar is Ashenpelt Gray who serves as the attacker of the team.

How to Unlock: This hero can be unlocked by completing a short quest that is located at the golden quest marker “?” in the Aetia Region towards the northeast of Kamos Outpost Landmark.

Ashenpelt Gray is the main attacker in the heroes lineup and the special thing about its attack is that they become stronger every time you land a hit. You can deal tons of damage just by timing your attacks right.

How to Unlock Riku and Manana

Class: Riku and Manana are the attackers and belong to Yumsmith class.

How to Unlock: Unlocked by completing “A Nopon’s Counsel” quest during the main storyline.

If you always find yourself surrounded by a group of enemies and you want to deal with all of them at once then this class is for you. Riku and Manana are the best offensive and defensive combination in the game.

How to Unlock Isurd

Class: Isurd belongs to the Strategos class and serves as the healer.

How to Unlock: You can unlock Isurd by liberating Lamba Colony.

A healer that gives you buffs and gives enemies the debuff can grab everyone’s attention. Isurd is one of the tricky classes and requires come brain to play and in the right hands, it can be very useful.

How to Unlock Juniper

Class: Juniper is part of the Stalker class and serves as the attacker for the team.

How to Unlock You can unlock Juniper by liberating Colony Tau.

If you are facing a tough time while dealing with the enemy’s aggro then you should try this class as Juniper can not only deal bleed to enemies that will make the rest of its attacks deal more damage by can also vastly reduce the enemy’s aggro.

How to Unlock Ashera

Class: Ashera belongs to the Lone Exile class and serves as the defender.

How to Unlock: This hero can be unlocked by completing a short quest that is located at the golden quest marker “?” outside the gates of Colony 11.

Ashera is the defender class who will take the hit in place of weaker enemies while also launching counter-attacks. This class is capable of attacking in place of nearby weak teammates.

How to Unlock Ghondor

Class: Wrathfist Ghondor is an attacker that belongs to the Martial Artist class.

How to Unlock: You can unlock Wrathfist Ghondor by playing through the main storyline.

Wrathfist Ghondor is an attacker that is quick and deals tons of damage while proving to be hard to catch. She can launch attacks in quick succession and can land deadly combos.

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