What Is Affinity Chart In Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

Affinity is an early game mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicle 3. Using the Affinity levels, you can create a pleasing relationship...

Affinity is an early game mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicle 3. Using the Affinity levels, you can create a pleasing relationship with the colony you reside in. Although they differ from the standard friendship levels, they still play a huge role in improving your bond with your fellow colonists.

The guide below explains how you can raise your Affinity Levels in Xenoblade Chronicle 3.

How To Raise Affinity Levels In Xenoblade Chronicle 3

You can level up your Affinity levels in a number of ways. The following three ways, though, will net you the highest levels possible in XC3.

Using Collectopaedia Cards
Arguably one of the best ways to raise your Affinity Levels with a colony is through Collectopaedia Cards. Simply register these cards and take part in side objectives assigned by NPCs where you’re required to collect the desired items and drops from monsters throughout the region.

The rewards you receive depend upon the timing of your registration and can be viewed at the Quests Menu from the Main Menu.

Completing Quests
As you complete a quest provided by an NPC from a colony you want to raise, there’s a higher chance of you getting rewarded with a raise in your Affinity Levels as you progress through each quest since NPCs usually assign you new quests after you’re finished with the previous one.

You can also find new quests by simply finding information in a colony.

Interacting with Colonists
When roaming around different colonies, you may come across colonists with a star rating next to their speech bubble. Make sure to talk to an NPC with a star as they’ll provide you with a raise in Affinity Levels each time you talk to them depending upon the time of the day; which you can change from the main menu by adjusting the time.

Honorable Mentions
Sending off fallen soldiers’ husks can also help raise Affinity Levels as it creates a level of trust between you and the colony the soldier belonged to. It’s indicated when a Flute icon appears on the mini-map.

Furthermore, you can help a colony fight against their adversaries during the skirmishes to gain Nopon Coins along with a bit of boost in Affinity Levels as well.

Benefits Of Raising Affinity Levels In XC3

Upon reaching a particular Affinity Level, the colony you build a trustful bond with will offer you a handful of rewards and bonuses. These bonuses can go up to 5 levels per colony and provide you with additional passive skills such as an increase in running speed or a higher chance for item drops.

There’s an entire chart dedicated to what Affinity Levels you’re required to be on and how to unlock a specific bonus, which you can check by going to the Party Skills menu. Below is a list of all Affinity Bonuses in Xenoblade Chronicle 3.

Bonuses Effects
Speed Jogger Running speed is increased
Item Retriever Item collection range is increased
Silent Steps Monster detection range in decreased
Shiny Hunter Rate of encountering rare monsters is increased
Slow Digestion Meal effect duration is increased
Swift Swimmer Swimming speed is increased
Caravan Call Causes Nopon Caravan to visit the colonies.

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