Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Poppi Artificial Blade Guide

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Poppi Guide to help you learn all about Poppiswap, Poppi Upgrades, Poppi Customization, and How to Play Tiger! Tiger!

Poppi is arguably one of the Best Artificial Blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. There are three different types of artificial blades of Poppi: Poppi α, Poppi QT, and Poppi QT PI. You can unlock each one of them by progressing through the story.

Tora creates Poppi. Poppi fights battles with the help of Tora Driver’s skills in conjunction with her Blade’s skills. She has an ability called PoppySwap, where she will swap the upgrades and customization to different blade forms, saving time and money.

Poppi’s ultimate blade form is Poppi QT PI which you will learn about later in the guide. You will also learn in this guide How to Unlock Poppi Artificial Blade, Poppi Heart-to-Hearts, PoppiSwap, and Poppi Costumes.

How to Unlock Poppi Artificial Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Poppi is made by the Tora and has a metallic body. Poppi is not a natural blade, but she acts as a blade in the battles. She works hand in hand with Tori in the battle as Driver and Blade duo.

Perfect Range Sensor Location

Perfect Range Sensor can be easily found around the town. Defeat a few monsters around the town, and you will eventually get a Perfect Range Sensor. You only need one Perfect Range Sensor for Poppi.

How to Get Bion Connectors

To obtain Bion Connectors, you can do so in two ways. First, purchase them from the shop for 4,000 credits per Bion Connector. They are available are nearly all vendors.

This is not feasible, as you will not have enough money at this point in the game. It is an option but not easy to opt for at the start of the game.

The second way of obtaining the Bion Connectors is by salvaging them.

You can dive into the water to salvage three Bion Connectors in two locations. The first location is Saets Chief’s Residence. It is located near the market square.

The second location is Grodd Residential Zone, located at the far end of one of the long piers.

Both of them are located in the Gormott Province. You can try salvaging at both of these points.

It is possible to find all three Bion Connectors at one salvaging point; however, if you do not find one at a point, change the point, and you will get it. Your standard diving gear should be okay for salvaging.

Poppi is a robot as well as a child. She has emotions exactly like a human. She also has a lot of childish characters like Innocence and Curiosity. As Poppi’s creator, she has loyalties to the Tora.

With the help of PoppiSwap, Poppi can equip wind, ice, and electric elements. She has an ability named Drill Shield that she will use during the battle to reflect the enemy’s attacks on them.

The story of Poppy starts when Tazao gives Tora, her daughter, the Lila Blueprints. She travels to Torigoth and makes Poppi with the help of Rex and the Lila Blueprints. Then she and her party travel to the Old Factory. Poppi is then transformed to the Poppi QT form when Lila upgrades her Ether Furnace.

Poppi Heart-to-Hearts

In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Poppi takes part in several Heart to Hearts. You can find the complete list below:

  • “A Tora and Poppi Production”
  • “Ardainian Technology”
  • “Blue Blood”
  • “Blushy-Crushy”
  • “Bold Adventures”
  • “Burgeoning Curiosity”
  • “Girl Power”
  • “Poppi’s Remodel?”
  • “The Real Gramps”
  • “Tora’s Angst”
  • “Unforgiving Terrain”
  • “Vale’s Weakness”

How Does PoppiSwap Work?

There are three different types of blades of Poppi: Poppi α, Poppi QT, and Poppi QT PI. Each Blade has unique parts like Energy Converter, Role CPU, and Elemental Core used to customize and upgrade the Blade.

With the help of PoppiSwap, you can swap the Poppi to a different Poppi form leaving all the upgrades and customization so that they can be used for the next blade form. The upgrade will also be converted to the next blade form and will work for the next blade form. The PoppiSwap works great to save money on upgrades and customization while using all the three-blade forms of Poppi for different quests.

To increase Poppi’s max energy production and enable you to enhance her other traits, you must thus enhance her Energy Converter.

Although Tora presents Tiger Tiger as a means of obtaining improvement parts for Poppi, it might be difficult to obtain certain potent upgrade components for the AI Blade.

Tiger Tiger

Tiger is a retro-style game in which you must lead your symbol past several obstacles and foes to reach the bounty at the bottom of the level and then return to collect your prizes. While certain monsters are substantially more difficult to defeat than others, you can hit them utilizing a directional strike with A.

When you’re returning up to finish the stage upon getting the chest, you won’t be capable of utilizing your directional strike. You’ll only have a brief window to dodge impending dangers, so you must eliminate as many opponents as possible on your way down.

In Tiger Tiger, you’ll see that you have an air gauge, and if this dries out due to your touching too many obstructions, the game ends.

Tiger Tiger Foes

We’ve listed every foe you’ll encounter in Tiger Tiger below, along with numerous strategies for doing so:

  • Giant Pirahna: They can be eliminated from above and are frequently located close to the treasure box at the bottom.
  • Shrimp: killable from any side.
  • Sea Urchin: Cannot be eliminated; however, touching them will immediately kill you.
  • Jellyfish: can be eliminated by a single strike from the top.
  • Turtle: can only be eliminated by one strike from the bottom.
  • Algae: cannot harm you but also cannot be eliminated.
  • Lobster: can be killed by a downward blow.
  • Angerfish: can be slain with one strike from any side.
  • Green Shark: can be killed by a single strike from any direction.
  • Red Shark: can only be killed by several strikes and from any angle.

How to Upgrade Poppi

The Poppiswap system allows for Poppi upgrades. The Poppiswap upgrading page is your major route for using Ether Crystals to acquire particular upgrade components for the AI Blade if you decide to improve Poppi the hard way.

You’ll need to play Tiger Tiger a lot since it’s the only chance to obtain Ether Crystals that you can spend in the Poppiswap upgrading system to create entirely new Poppi components.

Besides that, you must choose what position Poppi will hold in your team. Poppi’s role, which may be a Healer, Attack, or Tank duty, can be modified by changing her role CPU.

However, you’ll have to decide which position works best while taking into consideration the duties of the additional party members, but we’d suggest giving Poppi the Tank duty in your group.

If you can find a nice weapon for her and equip it, she may become an absolute monster for your team thanks to the Evasion Role CPU Mods, which can offer her a great defense against both physical and ether strikes.

Poppi Favorite Items

The favorite items of Poppi are mentioned below:

  • Staple Foods
  • Fizz Juice
  • Roly-Poly Maracas
  • Instruments

Poppi Costumes

You can find a total of 2 costumes for Poppi in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. You can obtain these costumes by participating in Challenge Battles. The name of all the four costumes of Pyra are below:

  • Cornflower Poppi α.
  • Swim Lesson Poppi α.

How to Get Poppi QT PI?

We have learned about two forms of the Poppi until now, but there is a third form that she can upgrade to. This third alternate form is Poppi QT PI. While converting to the Poppi QT PI, she will first convert to the Poppi QT after the Heart-to-Heart “Growing Up” event in Leftherian Archipelago.

Poppi will fully transition into the Poppi QT PI after completing the side quest Powered-Up Poppi in Tora House. This side quest will be unlocked in Chapter 8. After this conversion, Poppi can fight as Driver and Blade during the battle.

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