Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Combat Tips and Tricks

Combat is the bread and butter of most modern games and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is no different. Combat may seem very simple at first, but only when you delve deeper into the game do you realize the intricacies of the game’s Combat System. This guide will tell you all of the Basics of Combat and give you some Tips and Tricks to ensure you are ready to defeat your enemies.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Combat Tips and Tricks

In this Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Combat Tips and Tricks Guide, we will tell you how to fight, how to manage your XP and items, how to use combos, and how to use chain attacks.

Basics of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Combat

You can change Blades which will affect the weapons that you wield as well. Experiment with the Blades to see which one fits you best!

You can swap between these blades during your battles – by pressing the directional buttons on your D-pad – so try to choose Blades which work well together. Look at the bottom left corner of the screen to see all the Blades you have equipped.

You can start the fight by pressing ‘R’ to lock onto a target and then pressing ‘A’ to initiate a fight with them.

You will automatically attack the enemy that you are locked onto and build your three Abilities, known as Driver Arts in the game.

You can see your health on the top left of the screen and the health bar of the enemy Rex is targeting is on the middle of the screen.

The Driver Arts can be seen building up on the bottom right and you can use them once they are charged up by pressing the corresponding button.

Along with the Driver Arts, there is a final Ultimate Ability which is charged by using your Driver Arts.

You can charge your Ultimate Ability up to four levels and then unleash it on your enemies by pressing A and then pressing B when the circle is in the exterior zone.

Lastly, remember to learn how to Cancel Attacks and then make it your second nature.

Performing Combos

Combos are paramount to success in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. When you see the Break sign, you can combine your special attacks with your Driver Arts to ensure that the chain of attack continues and does extra damage.

Learning combos are very important since they are one of the only ways that you can defeat enemies who are at a higher level than you.

Later on, you will learn to use different Driver Arts which allow you to topple and smash into enemies and combine them with one another for amazing combos.

Remember to look at the icons below the names of the Driver Arts so you can get to know how you should perform the attack.

Finding Weaknesses

You should equip a wide range of Blades and use the one which works against an enemy’s weakness. Look at its weakness at the right side of the health bar. Each one of your Blade has an elemental type and you should use that blade to counter your enemy.

Party Gauge Chain Attack

You can see the Party Gauge towards the top left of your screen and it will build up as your party automatically attacks the enemy. Once the Party Gauge is full, your party will all choose a Blade and you will start the quick time events for their entire Special Super Attacks one after the other.

You want to pick a Blade which has the opposite elemental type to the orb that you can see around the health of the opponent. If you pick the Blade correctly, you will be able to do a lot of damage and destroy that orb to make the opponent a little less strong. This way of taking out your opponents is extremely crucial if you are in an extremely long battle which does not seem to be ending anytime soon.

Gold and Materials

Remember to save your Materials and Gold for later on in the game. If you do not, you will need to needlessly grind the game to farm the resources to make up for the money that you require to buy materials.

XP Management

Remember to go to the Inn after a little bit of time. This way you will be able to get all of the extra XP that you have acquired through the side quests and the landmarks. You can use that to level up without having to grind the various different enemies for it.

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