Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Classes and Party Members Guide

A detailed guide that goes over all the different classes you can play as in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 along with the best classes.

Understanding the Party System of RPG games can be quite a tedious task. The following Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Classes and Party Members Guide will tell you everything from Party members to their classes.

We will also discuss every class and the best classes, along with ranking all the characters in the game.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Classes and Party Members

Some of your Party Members are Drivers like you, so they have Blades. Remember that they are part of the story and will fight alongside you.

There are six permanent Party Members you will take with you on the journey: Rex, Nia, Tora, Zeke, Vandham, and Morag. You can equip them with what you like!

Two other characters, Jin and Malos, join your party at one point or the other., which technically brings your party member count to eight. They are temporary and cannot be equipped with extra stuff.

It is also important to note that different characters leave and return to your party at certain points across the story.

By the end of the game, Vandham is no longer a party member, leaving only Rex, Nia, Tora, Morag, and Zeke as the remaining permanent party members.


Every one of the characters has a specific role that they utilize. A Blade can have one of the three roles: Attack, Healer, or Tank.

Attackers are used to dealing damage, while Healers support the team through healing. A Tank’s main job is to ensure that they soak up the damage so that the team members can have separate roles.

A Driver can have a class based on their Blade and the amount of them. You can only have two Blades with you at the start of the game, but eventually, you will be able to wield three of them simultaneously. You must balance the roles in your party to ensure victory for yourself.

Before we tell you about the specific Classes, remember that every character has one Blade, which they cannot release, so watch out when you plan your team to ensure everything is handled smoothly. Now let’s look at the Classes in the game.

Single Blade Classes

The Single Blade Classes are for Drivers who have only 1 Blade equipped. These will mostly be used in the early stages of the game

  • The Fighter has 1 ATK Blade and Boosts Damage Dealt by +1.
  • The Healer has 1 HLR Blade and Boosts the Effect of HP Potion by +1 while Lowering Arts/Specials Aggro by the same amount.
  • The Defender has 1 TNK Blade and Reduces damage taken by 1 along with Boosting Auto Attack Aggro by +1.

Double Blade Classes

As you progress in the game, you’ll be able to give a Driver 2 Blades, and a new type of class called the Double Blade Classes will be introduced.

The class system starts to get a bit complex now as you’ll have a lot of options to decide from

  • The Elite Fighter has 2 ATK Blades and Boosts the Amount of Damage you Deal by +2.
  • The Elite Healer has 2 HLR Blades and Increases the Effect of HP Potion by +2 while Lowering Arts/Specials Aggro by the same amount
  • The Elite Defender has 2 TNK Blades and Reduces Damage taken by you by +2 and Increases your Auto Attack Aggro and Arts/Specials Aggro by +2.
  • The Warrior has 1 ATK and 1 TNK Blade to Reduce damage by +1, Boost Damage Dealt by +1, and Boost Arts, and Special Aggro by +1.
  • The Knight has 1 HLR Blade with 1 TNK Blade. This Reduces Damage Taken by +1 and Increases the Effect of HP Potion by +1 as well.
  • The Cavalier has 1 ATK Blade with 1 HLR Blade, and it Boosts damage by +1, Increases HP Potion Effect by 1+, and Lowers Arts and Specials Aggro by +1.

Triple Blade Classes

After some time, you’ll finally gain the ability to have a Driver equip 3 Blades at a time, which will introduce the strongest classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, The Triple Blade Classes.

  • The Master Fighter has three ATK Blades and has a +3-damage boost.
  • The Master Defender has 3 TNK Blades and +3 damage reduction, +3 auto attack aggro boost, and +3 specials aggro.
  • The Master Healer has Three HLR Blades and a +3 HP Potion Effect Boost, Lower Arts, and +3 Specials Aggro.
  • The Wild Warrior has 2 ATK Blades and 1 TNK Blade; it Reduces damage by +1, Boosts damage by +3 along with Arts and Aggro.
  • The Royal Warrior has 2 TNK Blades with 1 ATK Blade to Reduce damage by +2, Boost Damage Dealt by +1, and Boost Arts and Specials Aggro.
  • The Holy Knight has 2 HLR Blades and 1 TNK to Reduce Damage taken by +1, Increase HP Potion Effect by +2, Specials Aggro by +1, and Lower Arts.
  • The Royal Knight has 2 TNK Blades with 1 HLR Blade to Reduce Damage Taken by +2, Increase HP Potion Effect by +1, and Boost Arts and Specials Aggro.
  • The Jack of all Trades has 1 of Each Blade and Reduces damage taken by +1, Increases Damage Dealt by +1, and increases the HP Potion Effect by +1.
  • The Holy Cavalier has 2 HLR Blades and 1 ATK Blade to Boost Damage Dealt by +1, Increase the Effect of HP Potion by +2, Lower Arts, and Increase Specials Aggro by +2.
  • The Wild Cavalier has 2 ATK Blades and 1 HLR Blade to decrease incoming damage by +1, boost your damage by +3 and boost Arts/Special Aggro by +1

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Characters Ranked

Now we will rank all the playable character classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

6) Tora

Selecting a Nopon as one of the worst characters in the game may not be a shock to anyone, but it must be said that Tora is still a very interesting character.

The character interactions of Tora with Rex, Poppi, and the rest are really interesting. The Finale scene with Tora and Pyra was also heartbreaking.

Despite her contribution to the story, Tora sees herself outgunned by the other characters making her not as useful in battle. Though after upgrading, Poppi Tora becomes a more formidable fighter.

5) Zeke

Zeke fits the trope of the villain that eventually joins your party after a few encounters. Unfortunately, his character was given as much time to shine as the others.

His energetic and self-indulged attitude isn’t all there is to him, and there is a lot of depth to his character.

Though he may come across as a running joke, his wise, complicated character and compelling backstory still make him a memorable character. There are also multiple moments of him alongside Rex and many Heart-to-Hearts.

4) Vandham

Strangely, Vandham has a higher position on this list, considering his limited time in the game. The impact that Vandham has on the game in a few hours is immense.

The life lessons that Rex learns from him, including his tragic death in Chapter 3, allow Rex to grow as a character and hero.

Vandham’s death also results in the emergence of Mythra, which is one of the best blades in the game.

3) Mòrag

Morag is one of the main threats for Rex at the start of the game. She proves to be a formidable opponent before becoming an ally. Her interactions with Rex are highlighted as we slowly see the fierce enemy transition to a companion.

As time goes by and her real character is revealed, we find her more emotional and relatable side.

2) Nia

Nia is one of two playable characters at the start of the game. She joins Rex on his adventure from the start and thus develops a touching and bittersweet bond with him.

She is ready to do anything for Rex, and this results in her revealing a huge secret during the latter part of the game.

Her Blade also allows her to heal other party members making her contribution to the battle indispensable.

Overall, a charismatic and funny character, certainly top 2 in the game.



It would be a disservice to put Rex in any position other than first. He is hands down the best playable character in the game; being the protagonist, he also sees the most development.

Rex’s development from an overconfident guy who put his friend’s life in danger to one who prioritizes their safety and completes the objective was very satisfying.

His interactions with Pyra and their development together were also a treat.

Finally, the end of his character arc perfectly closed the curtains to a perfectly executed character.

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