Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Ecological Survey Side Quest Guide

This guide will cover everything about the Ecological Survey side quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, including its location and rewards.

Ecological Survey is one of the many side quests to complete in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. These side quests allow you to get a few additional rewards.

The following guide will cover everything you need to know to complete the Ecological Survey side quest, including its location, walkthrough, and rewards.

Ecological Survey Location in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The Ecological Survey see quest can be started in the Empire of Mor Ardain. To initiate the quest, examine the notice board you find in the Nharil Central Plaza in Alba Cabanichi.

The notice board post will request you to acquire 3 Whitescale Antennae and eliminate the Noog Vangs in the Thermal Exhaust Fork.

Ecological Survey Walkthrough

Once you start this quest, open your minimap, highlight Mine Elevator, and select Skip Travel.

After traveling to the Mine Elevator, you must use the elevator and go to the bottom-most level.

The elevator is located towards the south of the Great Heat Extraction Duct. If you are not Skip Travelling, go north of the Alba Cavanich, across the Midori Bridge, until you get to the Purple Circle on your minimap.

Once at the bottom level, you must look for a ladder to the left and climb up.

After climbing up, you’ll encounter some Noog Vangs, and you must eliminate them and loot everything they drop.

These enemies spawn chase in a group of three, so pull some away from the others and defeat them instead of taking on the whole group.

Carry on until you have acquired the 3 Whitescale Antennae.

Now you must head back to Alba Cabanich and talk to a palace guard named Joblin, who you’ll find standing outside the Hardhaigh Gate.

After a little chat, you will receive the reward, and your side quest will be completed.


Completion of the Ecological Survey side quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will earn you the following rewards:

  • EXP 1440
  • SP 102
  • Gold 1580
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