Xenoblade Chronicles 2 The Nopon Murals Side Quest Guide

The Nopon Murals is one of the many side quests in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, in which Alisdeigh will ask you to check murals found close to the Garfont. This walkthrough will cover all the details you need to know to complete this quest smoothly.

The Nopon Murals Location in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

This side quest is offered to you by the Alisdeigh, and you can find Alisdeigh south of Jakolo’s Inn in the Empire of Mor Ardain. Go there and talk to him to get this quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

The Nopon Murals Walkthrough

To complete this quest, you must complete the Merc Group’s side quest called Smuggle the Scholar. After completing that quest, head to the Garfront Village in Uraya and speak to Alsideigh.

In this, he will ask you to check out murals found close to the Garfont and report him. To examine all murals, you will need level 1 Keen Eye and level 3 Nopon Wisdom.

First Mural

After getting to the Garfont, you will find the first mural in the eastern part of the town. You will need to climb a ladder in the south of the town to get there.

This ladder can be found close to the tree in Old Valentia. After climbing the ladder, you must drop down on the right side and head towards the Underground Spring.

If the ladder is not lowered, you can head through the tunnel directly south of the warp point and lower the ladder from there.

After using the ladder, you will reach the spring, requiring level 2 Water Mastery and Fortitude to activate. Here you have to examine the mural day and night and get the Shrine of Journeys 1 and 2.

Second Mural

The Waypoint Market can find the second mural, the Mural of Offering, right behind the Hebbie Aux Core shop.

You will need level 1 Leaping and 2 Wind Mastery to activate the airflow here. Once done, examine the mural day and night to get the Shrine of Offering 1 and 2.

Third Mural

Now for the third and final mural, called the mural of light, you have to go to the Garfont Rear Gate. Here you will find an underground spring that requires level 2 Water Mastery and Fortitude.

Again, you must examine the mural day and night to get the Shrine of Light 1 and 2.

Now it’s time to talk with Alisdeigh again, and he will ask you to search the area close to Yurna the Elderwood. You can find this area in the Uraya’s Stomach.

To investigate the area by the tree’s roots, you will need level 2 keen Eye and level 6 Earth Mastery.

Open the treasure trove here to get the Key to Something, and again get back to the Alisdeigh to report your findings. This will complete the Nopon Murals side quest, and you can also keep the Ancient Nopon Key.


Once you’ve completed the Nopon Murals side quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • Gold: 1070
  • EXP: 1280
  • SP: 96
  • Items: Sunlight Eye II and Metal Nopon Mask

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