XCOM Chimera Squad Track Personnel Movement Walkthrough

After starting your investigation into Gray Phoenix, your next mission will be to track their personnel movement. This XCOM Chimera Squad Track Personnel Movement Walkthrough will help you complete this part of the effort to take down the Gray Phoenix faction.

XCOM Chimera Squad Track Personnel Movement

You will have 5 days to unlock the Hidden Faction Target in Old Town. Choose the Locate Power Siphon mission in Riverside to progress forward.

The first encounter is through the main door and has the Overseer condition. The last unit that goes through the entrance will automatically activate the Overseer when it has been breached.

There are only a few enemies inside, but as you start taking them down, notice will warn you about imminent reinforcements.

You need to plan your defense if you want to get out of this situation. Since you have already located the Siphon, you can just destroy it and be done with your mission.

When you return, the training facility will have been unlocked, and your members will probably have gained promotion by now. Train your members to earn new abilities for them.

Once done, you are free to do any of the active missions. If you have started a new project, it is recommended that you follow Elerium Smuggler in order to obtain 50 Elerium.

Since it does not require you to engage in combat, it will automatically advance a day.

You’ll return to HQ the next day and two missions more will become available. One of them is optional, so pick any of them up first and move to Locate Relief Supplies directly.

In this mission, you main goal is to steal supplies and get to the extraction point. There are three encounters in this mission.

The first has the Seal the Deal condition, where the last unit through the entrance will do +3 damage during the breach.

During the breach, remember to use the new abilities that you gained after the promotion. Here be cautious to not attack the civilians in the northern side of the area.

The second encounter in the Track Personnel Movement mission has two entrances, the main door with Overseer.

The last unit through the entrance automatically activates Overwatch after the breach and a wall with explosive entrance and delayed disable where the last unit through this entrance will have their weapon disabled.

If you’re taking the explosive route, keep in mind that the weapon of the last member entering will be disabled.

In this area, you can also locate a sub-objective against the Gray Phoenix, that you can either do for a reward or completely ignore.

In the third encounter, there’s one main door where members of your attack party will get damaged, along with delayed disable again.

Since the Security Door is a Secure Entrance, you’ll encounter fewer aggressive enemies present there.

You can use Cherub on the Main Door to provide covering fire, and the rest of the squad can go through through the security door to help him out.

When his weapon becomes disabled after the breach, you can still use his Shield Bash against enemies.

While the rest of the squad kill the remaining enemies in the room, use Cherub again to pick up the stolen supplies. Move everyone to the extraction point before reinforcements arrive.

Remember that if you do follow these steps there’s a chance that Cherub will be the last one in the Timeline and more enemies will show up.

He might take damage but focus on moving everyone to the extraction point as quickly as possible. This will conclude the Track Personnel Movement mission.

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