XCOM Chimera Squad Take Down the Progeny Walkthrough

In XCOM Chimera Squad, you will be chasing down different factions as they try to create problems in City 31. One of the factions is The Progeny, located in Old Town. In this mission, we will be taking them down. Follow this XCOM Chimera Squad Take Down the Progeny walkthrough on how to complete this mission.

XCOM Chimera Squad Take Down the Progeny

Take Down the Progeny will be your last task on the investigation against the Progeny faction once you are done freezing their finances. You will be heading down to the Old Down district in City 31.

In the mission, there will be a total of three encounters against The Progeny faction.

In the first encounter, you will have a slight disadvantage as the two doors for entrance will have Delayed Snare active (meaning that the last member of the unit entering will be rooted for 1 round).

Once you are inside, you will be attacked by many enemies. Your task will be to activate the generator.

When that is done, the second encounter will start. There is a main door with Delayed Scan (meaning that last unit will be marked until the end of the encounter), and two side windows, one with Hard to Hit (meaning that enemies deal -1 less damage during breach) and the other with Closely Watched (meaning that enemies deal +1 damage during breach).

In the second encounter, your squad needs to be sent to the balcony for the elevator which will take you to the rooftop.

You will have to assign one person to each door and window, so carefully execute this part.

At the rooftop, you will confront with Violet. You can either capture her or kill her.

If you try to kill her, you will have a tough time as she is immune to all mental attacks. She will also use an ability where she will have enemies acting as shields.

If you attack her in this state the damage will be deflected, and she will sacrifice her minions instead.

Try to destroy all the robots in the room which will be granting defense to the entire enemy team.

After the fight, the last encounter will start. In this encounter, you need to rush into the next room and stop the machine here.

In the room, there will be many tough enemies and Archon that you will face off against.

Focus on Archon and the Codex and do not let anyone get close to the generator. Push through this last encounter and you will have dismantled The Progeny.

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