XCOM Chimera Squad Freeze Progeny Finances Walkthrough

It’s time to double down on the Progeny; we have their weapons, and now its time to target their finances. Breaking the foundation on which, they stand will surely weaken them at the core. Join us as we take you through each encounter in this XCOM Chimera Squad Freeze Progeny Finances guide.

XCOM Chimera Squad Freeze Progeny Finances

For this entire task to freeze Progeny finances, we will be focusing on the main missions presented to us.

Initially, you will be presented with two quests in this part of XCOM Chimera Squad, Solid Copy and Black Hat Crackdown, let’s dive into Solid Copy firsthand.

Solid Copy
The Solid Copy has only one encounter that you will need to deal with that goes like this,

The First Encounter – The encounter can be approached using two entrances, one having Closely Watched (Enemies will deal +1 damage during breach), and the other having an explosive entrance.

It’s better to go via breaching the wall instead of the former entrance because let’s face it, you don’t want that extra damage being dealt to your characters, not at this point, nor at any other point in the game.

After this mission, once you return to the HQ, you will find yourself with two choices, one being Power Grab in Angler’s Point and the other being Finders Keepers in Highland Square.

We decided to go with Finders Keepers and here’s what we encountered in the next step to freeze Progeny finances.

Finders Keepers
This mission has two encounters, with the first one having a total of 4 entry points, namely being;

  • Rush (Unit’s turn jumps forward to directly follow previous Agent’s turn)
  • Fleet Footed (All units get +3 Mobility for 1 round)
  • Ready for Anything (All units get +50 Dodge for 1 round)
  • Good Visibility (+25 Aim during breach).

Before you clear out from the first encounter, you can find a stash with evidence as well. When you’re ready, move onto the second encounter.

The second encounter gives you the choices,

  • Fleet Footed (All units get +3 Mobility for 1 round).
  • (Unit’s turn jumps forward to directly follow previous Agent’s turn)
  • Good Visibility (+25 Aim during breach).

Take care of the necromancer once you get inside and clear all the enemies in this area. Pick up the special weapon before it explodes (It will have a timer).

We had two options returning from the previous quest, that were Need a Ride in Downtown and Lights Out in The Stacks.

We selected Need a Ride in Downtown and it had only one encounter during Freeze Progeny Finance mission. Beware that you will have low visibility during this, so approach the battle with caution.

The final quest against the Progeny that we did was Elerium Smuggler rather than Investigate Strange Device that had one encounter.

Elerium Smuggler
There is only one encounter in the span of this mission to freeze Progeny finances.

The encounter can be entered through three different skylights, having Fleet Footed for three skylights, and Ready for Anything for the other skylights.

Completing all of the above steps, you will have successfully halted the Progeny’s Finances and succeeded in relieving distress throughout the region.

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