XCOM Chimera Squad Recover Abducted Aliens Walkthrough

While investigating Gray Phoenix faction, before you can take them down you will have to recover some abducted aliens. Here we have the complete XCOM Chimera Squad Recover Abducted Aliens Walkthrough to help you with the mission.

XCOM Chimera Squad Recover Abducted Aliens

Recover Abducted Aliens mission unlocks when Trafficking Data collection is completed. When the mission is unlocked, you can choose it from the City map at Field Office.

Prepare your squad and then start the mission.

In this mission, there are three encounters taking place one after the other. In the first encounter, there is one main Skylight with four different entry points.

Two of the entry points have Reflex Boost active (which will give all units entering here get +25 Defense for 1 round), one has Rush (Unit’s turn jumps forward to directly follow the previous Agent’s turn) and the last remaining one has Fleet Footed (All units entering here get +3 Mobility for 1 Round).

One agent can be assigned to each point, so choose according to your squad members. As we move on to the second encounter, there will be a wall with Explosive Entrance and a Watchtower.

It is better to have the complete team at the first entry point as Watchtower grants massive tactical advantage.

Now we move on to the third and last encounter. Here, there is another explosive entrance here.

If you have a charge remaining, use it on this entrance otherwise your squad will have to enter through the main entrance which has Fleet Footed active.

During this encounter, your goal will be to stop the enemies from trying to delete the evidence of abductions. Focus on the marked ones as they pose the most danger.

Stop them to collect the evidence and complete the Recover Abducted Aliens mission.

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