XCOM Chimera Squad Assembly Guide

The Assembly section of your Field Office is crucial to better performance in missions and in this XCOM Chimera Squad guide we will show you how to use it

Assembly, as the name suggests, allows you to assemble things such as upgrades to use them in missions and more. In this XCOM Chimera Squad Assembly guide, we will go over this Field Office feature in the game and show you how to best utilize it.

XCOM Chimera has a ton of strategic depth to it, and if you find yourself slacking off on some of the game’s mechanics, you might find yourself underpowered for a significant portion of the game.

This is where improving your brokers comes into play. Using meetings, you can make investments at the Field Office Headquarters into different pieces of equipment and upgrades.

We have compiled a list of all the upgrades you can acquire through the Assembly in Chimera Squad and the time it takes to make each one for you.

XCOM Chimera Squad Assembly

Proceeding through XCOM Chimera Squad without any proper planning can be done, but isn’t very ideal. The Assembly portion of the game is meant to keep you and your squad updated with the necessary upgrades you will be needing in order to fight the enemy forces off and keep your survival rate up.

Your performance can be highly increased if you focus on these upgrades every once in a while.

They’re important, and you will first come across the feature in your Field Office Headquarters, where you will notice a 3D Printer. It requires Elerium to run; which will, in turn, produce new gear and items.

Different upgrades are unlocked as you progress through XCOM Chimera Squad, delve deeper into the marketing campaign and unlock more meeting upgrades.

Assigning an agent to make these items in Assembly will shorten the time to half its original length.

Training Effect Time Elerium Prerequisites
Android Personnel Grants one Android Tactical Unit. Android items (Supply). 1 day 0 N/A
Modular Androids Agents can equip Android Mods. Ballistic Foam Lining (Supply). Polymer Sheathing (Supply). Servoharness Mk.I (Supply). 3 days 0 Android Personnel.
Modular Weapons Agents can equip Weapon Mods. Expanded Magazine (Supply). Stock (Supply). Auto-Loader (Supply). 2 days 25 Android Personnel.
Modular Armor Agents can equip Armor Mods. Infiltrator Weave (Supply). Extra Padding (Supply). Mach Weave (Supply). 2 days 25 Android Personnel.
Weapon Optics Laser Sight (Supply). Scope (Supply). 3 days 0 Modular Weapons.
Enhanced Assault Rifles Enhanced AR (Supply). 6 days 55 Modular Weapons.
Enhanced Submachine Guns Enhanced SMG (Supply). 6 days 55 Modular Weapons.
Enhanced Shotguns Enhanced Shotgun (Supply). 6 days 55 Modular Weapons.
Enhanced Pistols Enhanced Pistol (Supply). 6 days 55 Modular Weapons.
Enhanced Armor Enhanced Armor Upgrade (Supply). 8 days 70 Modular Armor.
Breach Explosives Cease Fire Bomb (Supply). Smoke Bomb (Supply). Flash Bomb (Supply). 4 days 0 Modular Armor.
Breach Tactical Equipment Medipatch (Supply). Holo Scanner (Supply). Target Analyzer (Supply). 4 days 0 Modular Armor.
Improved Field Teams Field Teams will be upgraded to Rank 2. 3 days 25 Recruit 1 discipline workforce. Android Personnel.
Expert Field Teams Field Teams will be upgraded to Rank 3. 3 days 45 Improved Field Teams.

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