Xbox Series X Technology Will Help To Push The Gaming Envelope

Xbox Series X technology is going to be helping to push the envelope of gaming even further, like in the instance of upcoming game The Medium.

We all know that the Xbox Series X is a powerful console, managing to outstrip the also-impressive Playstation 5 from the outset. However, it’s not just the Xbox Series X technology that makes the console impressive, it’s also what it can do with that technology to push the gaming envelope even further.

For instance, with one of the many games that was unveiled today during the Xbox presentation of some of the new games coming to the console. The game in question, The Medium, is a survival horror game that, according to Jason Ronald of Microsoft, was fully ready to start development.

However, the technology for its developer Bloober Team to get started on the game wasn’t actually there. With the greater technology of the Series X, there’s plenty of ways that formerly unattainable video games can now be developed with the power of the Xbox.

From what we’ve seen in the game’s trailer, the Xbox Series X technology is definitely being put to good use, with enormous environments and beautiful cinematics that might not have been possible on the Xbox One, or at least not at the fidelity and resolution we had.

While we only saw cinematics in the trailer, the official Xbox website has a number of screenshots from the game actually being played that lend even more credence to how important it is that the Xbox Series X is so powerful, as the game looks amazing.

All of the other games revealed by Microsoft and Xbox today will likely have similar stories behind their own games, so hopefully Xbox Series X technology will similarly allow them to be able to release their games in a similarly polished state.

The Medium is expected to be releasing in the holiday period of this year exclusively for the Xbox Series X, so if you’ve been looking for a new horror game it might be for you. You can see its page on the Xbox Store here.

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