Xbox Series X Specs Released, Game Pass, Backwards Compatibility, More

A few of the Xbox Series X specs have been revealed in a new article posted on Microsoft's official website, giving us a sneak peek at the console.

Microsoft recently published an article that essentially reveals most of the important Xbox Series X specs, which include things like its GPU, shading, its capabilities, and also the confirmation that the console would have backwards compatibility. Xbox Game Pass will also be continuing along with the arrival of “Smart Delivery.”

The article in general seems to point towards Microsoft now doing its best to make the Xbox Series X a gaming console again, rather than its attempt at a multimedia system like the original Xbox One, a decision that cost it supremacy in this generation’s console wars.

According to the Xbox Series X specs, the Series X will have a 12 teraflop GPU, double what the Xbox One X had when it was released several years ago. The GPU will be backed up by Variable Rate Shading and hardware-accelerated DirectX Raytracing.

These capabilities will result in a more stable framerate and higher resolution, pushing the graphics envelope further for the console. The Raytracing will also allow true-to-life lighting, realistic acoustics, and accurate reflections.

The Xbox One X specs also included a variety of other announcements. For instance, from the start, Xbox fans will be able to play games from all four generations of the Xbox, from the Series X all the way back to the original Xbox, all on Xbox Game Pass.

You can also say goodbye to having to buy multiple copies of a game if you have different consoles. With the Smart Delivery system, you’ll now only have to buy one game to have both versions, as the Smart Delivery system will be able to tell what console you’re playing it on.

We’ll likely learn a lot more about the Xbox Series X specs when the console is fully revealed at this year’s E3 at the Microsoft conference, but with all of these capabilities, we may be seeing Microsoft run away with this generation again if Sony can’t catch up.

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