Xbox Scarlett And PS5 To Deliver More Performance, Memory and VR Integration

Cheif Executive Officer of Weltenbauer, Rene Nold discussed the potential elements that could be brought in Xbox Scarlett and PS5. These next generation of consoles is expected to bring in a freshly developed VR integration system along with improved performance and memory. The gaming community is anticipating to get everything and more out of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett consoles.

The fanbase of consoles is having varied opinions about the elementary features of Xbox Scarlett and PS5. While some think that the core focus of next-gen consoles should be on enhancing support for 4K at 60 FPS, others have set different priorities themselves. Rene Nold shared his take on this matter with GamingBolt:

“More performance, more memory, faster loading times,” Nold told GamingBolt when asked about what he would like to see in the PS5 and the next Xbox. “Maybe some exciting new operating concepts. Who knows? Maybe there is even something which can be used or adapted especially well for simulation games which are often extremely complex when it comes to vehicle controls. I also hope that VR will be on board. VR is an exciting thing for sure – also for the genre of simulation games. We are curious to see what will happen!”

Nold clarified that if he sought one feature in Xbox Scarlett or PS5 it would be fresh technology to improve the simulation genre of gaming. He emphasized the need to further develop VR.

Even, Square Enix’s Game Director, Hajime Tabata has started working in accordance to the transformation that is expected in the upcoming consoles. Meanwhile, check out the Xbox Scarlett details that reveal howstreaming will be done locally. In the end, AMD Ryzen and Vega powered chinse console discussed what more these next-gen consoles could offer to the gaming community that’s been waiting in mystery what the future of gaming holds.

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