Xbox Or PS4 Are Not Competition For Nintendo According To Fils-Aime

According to Fils-Aime Nintendo is in the entertainment market and does not compete with PS4 or Xbox due to IPs that the company has in place.

Xbox and PS4 have been at each other’s throats since they were first introduced. While the Nintendo Switch is the new kid on the block, Nintendo does not think that other consoles are competition. According to Fils-Aime Nintendo is in the entertainment market and does not compete with PS4 or Xbox due to IPs that the company has in place.

The Nintendo Switch has been selling like hot cakes and while some would say that The Legend of Zelda was the console seller, plenty of games have been released since then and there are more in the works. Other than that we got AAA titles from third-party developers on the Nintendo Switch which is something that you would not expect.

What we see is a situation where we know that Nintendo Switch is being played in the open, at a park, on a metro bus. We believe the easiest way for you to connect and have a peer-to-peer experience with voice chat is with your mobile phone. It’s always there, it’s always with you.

Fils-Aime also talked about why it took so long to enter into this market and he mentioned that the monetization process was something that the company needed to work on. The following is what he had to say regarding the matter:

We needed to create unique experiences. Home system games, if transplanted to a mobile device, wouldn’t transfer as well. We needed to work through monetization… as we’re driven to make money. And we needed to work through how to be effective on platforms and marketplaces that we ourselves don’t own. That took time.

The Switch is not a very powerful device so it would not do too well competing with the Xbox or the PS4. Luckily it does not have to. The Switch has been positioned in such a way that it is not affected by the Xbox or PS4. At least not too much.

Nintendo has IPs that are not available on other platforms and that is how the console and the company is able to make money. Other than that the Switch offers a lot of mobility. Not only can you plug it into your TV at home but you can also take it with you wherever you go. That differentiates the Nintendo Switch from the rest of the consoles on the market and that is where it has the edge.

This is why the upcoming Xbox Scarlet and the PS5 are not going to be a threat for the Nintendo Switch either. We have heard that there could be an upcoming Nintendo Switch upgrade this year. The new model might come with a better screen and thinner bezels.

Let us know what you think about the Xbox and PS4 not being competition for the Nintendo Switch and whether or not you agree with this.

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