Xbox Scarlett and PS5 Won’t Make Life Easier for Developers

Close to the Sun developers want to see more than just processing power from the next-gen consoles as the Xbox Scarlett and PS5 release is expected soon.

Expectations of fans and developers alike keep getting higher for next-gen consoles. Every developer seems to be giving their take on what they want from the Xbox Scarlett and PS5 release. The latest opinion on the Xbox Scarlett and PS5 release came from “Close to the Sun” developers.

Storm in a Teacup is developing this horror game scheduled to launch in early 2019. The CEO of the game studio held talks with GamingBolt on the Xbox Scarlett and PS5 release. Carlo Ivo Alimo Bianchi stated his expectation from the next-gen consoles by saying:

I honestly have no expectations beyond the obvious; more processing power, more and faster RAM. The problem is, the business is already tough – players always want more, year after year. Adding more processing power helps to untie a developer’s hands a little bit if that makes sense, but the downside to that is doing so requires an even bigger budget.

Meanwhile, game development would indeed face difficulties in delivering state-of-the-art video games. Bianchi further explained that Xbox Scarlett and PS5 release would increase the challenges:

As a result, more power is nice, but it doesn’t necessarily make our lives any easier – indeed, it risks players being promised something only the biggest of studios can deliver if that isn’t already the case.

When I was working in the movie industry we had a saying: ‘The more power you give us, the more we will make things fancier and, in the end, the more it will cost you’. What a beautiful but stressful world we live in, haha.’

Microsoft or Sony hasn’t even made an official announcement on their next-gen console yet. But most developers are planning ahead to be on the safe side. CDPR is also reported to release Cyberpunk 2077 on the next-gen consoles. Death Stranding might also consider waiting for the Xbox Scarlett and PS5 release.

Additionally, next-gen consoles reportedly might not deliver 4K 60FPS to all games. Still, the Xbox Scarlett and PS5 release would come with a built-in cross-play feature. Moreover, VR would also be a focal point for these consoles. All in all, the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles might not be the shift that’s expected of them.

Source: Gaming Bolt

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