Xbox One X Optimization Still Ongoing, Will Also Record HDR With Limits

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has announced that Xbox One X optimization is still going on the console, which will allow the console to perform better when running games. He has also said that it will be able to record games in HDR, though it will have certain limitations while doing so.

In the aftermath of its official reveal at E3, the Xbox One X has been getting a wealth of information poured out for it to get people excited for when it comes out this fall. While the Playstation 4 Pro has been out since November of 2016, the Xbox One X will have big shoes to fill as it attempts to carve out its own niche in the 4K gaming world.

Xbox One X optimization will, hopefully, allow it to overcome some of the problems that the Playstation 4 Pro has had, such as running games worse than how they ran on the original Playstation 4. If the Xbox One X is optimized properly, it will likely have significantly less problems with running games at a higher rate than the original Xbox One.

Along with that, Mike Ybarra also said that the Xbox One DVR aboard the Xbox One X will be capable of recording in HDR, or High Dynamic Range, to assist with the lighting of the recorded clips. However, the recording won’t be a perfect thing; while Ybarra didn’t go into detail on what they would be, he did say that recording in HDR for the Xbox One X’s DVR would have limitations.

There’s still likely going to be a lot of new information that comes out about the console in addition to news about the Xbox One X optimization, but we’ll just have to wait for Microsoft to give out more information before the console releases sometime this fall or winter, apparently in November according to Microsoft.