Xbox One X Is Currently The Most Wishlisted Product On Amazon

The Xbox One X, Microsoft’s revamped Xbox One console that has been marketed as one of the most powerful consoles ever, is apparently the most wishlisted product on Amazon. The console is still a few months out, but the anticipation still appears to be pretty high, even with the Playstation 4 Pro.

The Xbox One X was finally officially announced during Microsoft’s E3 2017 conference, after several months of waiting from the Xbox fanbase. Touted as the most powerful console ever, even over the Playstation 4 Pro’s own impressive specifications, the Xbox One X will be coming out sometime this year, likely within a few months.

Microsoft backed up the X’s announcement by showing off a large number of games that were either exclusive to the Xbox One or timed exclusives, such as Dragon Ball Fighters Z, BioWare’s upcoming game Anthem, and more. Whether this will be enough to make the console successful is another thing, however.

Last month, Nielsen claimed that the Xbox One X was less desired by gamers than the Playstation 4 Pro, similar to how the vanilla Playstation 4 is more desired than the vanilla Xbox One. However, if the X is currently the most wishlisted product on Amazon, Nielsen may be wrong.

One might think that the console’s $499 price tag would also be something that would put off potential buyers, as it’s a full hundred dollars more expensive than the Playstation 4 Pro. However, graphics and game choice might be playing a role in how many people actually want the console to begin with.

One of the main reasons that the Xbox One has consistently been trailing behind the Playstation 4 in terms of sales is because of the Playstation 4 apparently having better visuals than the Xbox One. That, along with more interesting-looking exclusive games, has been the deciding factor in sales.

However, it seems like the Xbox One X will be turning things around, if the wishlist numbers are consistent with the incoming sales.

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