Nielsen Agency Highlights Xbox Scorpio Issues; Sony Has The Edge Again

The Nielsen agency has highlighted a number of Xbox Scorpio issues, showing that despite apparently being better than the Playstation 4 Pro, the console isn’t nearly as desired or well-known as the Playstation 4 Pro. Nielsen is the organization that gives market projections and analysis for various corporations, including (in this case) Microsoft.

The Playstation 4 has always been one step ahead of the Xbox for a number of reasons, even since both of the consoles were first announced. The Xbox One got controversy from the beginning due to worse resolution than the Playstation 4, along with a number of privacy-violating policies that were quickly retracted.

With this, plus a better resolution and framerate and more exclusive games, the Playstation 4 has been constantly ahead of the Xbox One in sales numbers, and it seems like, with the Xbox Scorpio issues that Nielsen highlighted, the trend will only continue.

According to Nielsen, whereas 15% of people 13 and up want a Playstation 4 Pro, only 13% of people 13 and up want an Xbox One Scorpio. In the classic console area, 21% of 13-and-ups want a Playstation 4, while 17% want an Xbox One and 16% want a Nintendo Switch.

The Scorpio has been constantly touted by Microsoft as being superior to the Playstation 4 Pro, being more like a PC than a gaming console (at least according to Microsoft’s marketing). However, that doesn’t seem like it’s enough to save the Xbox One from being a rather expensive blunder on Microsoft’s part.

Another thing that might be a factor in the Xbox Scorpio issues that Nielsen has remarked on would be the price. We haven’t really learned for sure what the Xbox One Scorpio will cost, as retailers have gone anywhere from 399 (the same price as the Playstation 4 Pro) to $549, which was the cost given by a Greek online retailer.

Either way, we’ll likely learn more about the console at E3.