Xbox One Outsold PS4 In December 2017, Says Xbox Marketing Head

Although the complete report by The NDP Group on game sales during December in the U.S isn’t out, it’s clear that the Xbox One outsold PS4 in the month of December.

Microsoft’s head of Xbox games marketing Aaron Greenberg reaffirmed this when he tweeted that Xbox One outsold PS4 in total unit sales.

Microsoft’s boost in sales could be attributed to the recent release of the highly anticipated Xbox One X. The NDP group data also revealed Nintendo came out on top in sales last month, outselling both of its main competitors, Sony and Microsoft.

This was confirmed when Xbox games marketing head Aaron Greenberg in a later tweet, tweeted that, “switch had a great month” and that “switch had most overall units”. While also thanking fans and supporters in later tweets.

The sales data further revealed that the Nintendo Switch was the top-selling console for many months in 2017, showing just how far that Nintendo has come from its abysmal Wii U days.

Nintendo’s innovation seems to have paid back with the Nintendo Switch console having the possibility of matching the massive success of its predecessor, Wii.

Which was arguably one of the last generation’s highest selling consoles selling over 100 million units just under the original PlayStation console.

Xbox’s push to have the Xbox One’s successor the Xbox One X be the most powerful gaming console on the market really seems to have paid back.

With consumers really seeming to take note the better-looking versions of multi-platform games released on the Xbox One X over its rivals.

Do you think Microsoft is gaining back its mojo with the recent news that the Xbox One outsold PS4 last month or will Sony surprise us later this year with a shock announcement? Let us know in the comments.

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