Nintendo Wants Switch To Top Wii’s 100 Million Units Install Base

Nintendo Switch has been very successful not only in Japan but also in the US and more third party studios are considering to develop games for it. However, Nintendo is hoping for the hybrid console to be as successful as the Wii was and even to be much more successful than Wii.

In Nintendo’s post-fiscal year earnings investor Q&A President, Tatsumi Kimishima, revealed that Nintendo expects Switch to match 100 million units install base of the Wii console. He also said that some household will have more than one Switch.

The truth is we want to raise the installed base of Nintendo Switch up to the same level as Wii. As we mentioned during our presentation, Nintendo Switch in America had the fastest start of any Nintendo hardware, despite launching in March. In the video game business, it’s important for consumers to feel that a sales momentum is going to grow, and we are setting a standard with Nintendo Switch to release a continuous string of major software titles from now on.

However, Switch might be able to achieve over 100 million units, as according to the console’s demographics, Switch’s install base is n a US household is pretty much the same as that of PS4 and Xbox One.

Do you think Nintendo Switch will be able to be more successful compared Wii? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Nintendo

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