Xbox Game Pass Users Play 40% More Games

Xbox may have struck gold with its new Xbox Game Pass service, according to data shared from ID@Xbox lead Agostino Simonetta. Simonetta shared the data about the Xbox Game Pass users at yesterday’s Investment Summit, which took place in London. The data shows users play 40% more games than normal.

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription streaming service that allows players to rent Xbox games to play for a low monthly fee. With a wide variety of games to choose from, all for a single price without having to pay extra, it’s a great opportunity for Xbox gamers to be abel to quickly and cheaply play their favorite titles, or ones they haven’t played yet.

According to Simonetta’s subsequent statements at the summit, people who take part in the Xbox Game Pass are more engaged, both inside the subscription model and outside. Alongside playing on the Game Pass service, they also go to game stores more often and buy more games.

The main advantage of a service like the Xbox Game Pass means that Xbox Game Pass users can try out or play through a game that they don’t want to spend money on or don’t have the money for, and if they like it, can actually buy it.

Xbox Game Pass has a large number of different Xbox games that are available for everyone to play across all three different Xbox consoles, even more so than the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility system.

The Xbox Game Pass also leads to success for developers on other platforms as well. No More Robots Studios said that when their game Descenders went onto the Game Pass, it started showing increased sales on other platforms, too.

Whether Xbox Game Pass users will continue to be so profitable for both Xbox and developers remain to be seen, but if the service keeps up this sort of momentum we can expect it to stick around for a long time to come.