Xbox Game Pass To Add “Shadow Of The Tomb Raider” And “Metro Exodus” At Launch

Xbox Game Pass is getting two new exciting games if the rumor is to be believed which is Shadow Of The Tomb Raider and Metro Exodus are coming to the subscription-based service at launch.

A couple of images have made it online which reveal that both Metro Exodus and Shadow Of The Tomb Raider will be available for Xbox Game Pass at launch.

If this is to be believed then these two games will be the first of third-party titles to be available for the subscription-based service at launch.

However, this isn’t surprising since Rise Of The Tomb Raider is also available for the subscription-based service.

For those who don’t know, Xbox Game Pass is a subscription-based service that allows users to play games for a monthly fee.

With Shadow Of The Tomb Raider coming to this service next month, this will make Xbox Game Pass even more attractive to gamers.

Aside from these games coming to Xbox Game Pass, both of these game have another thing in common which is support for Real-Time Ray Tracing.

However, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider is unable to hit 60 FPS with RTX enabled which is disappointing given that Nvidia is pushing it as the next big innovation in GPU technology.

But, developer Eidos Montreal has noted that they are still optimizing Real-Time Ray Tracing for Shadow Of The Tomb Raider and it won’t be available for the game at launch.

The developer noted that Real-Time Ray Tracing will be added to the game sometime after the game’s launch.

Speaking of the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft has been very good at listening to user feedback for Xbox One and practically implementing it and it intends to do the same for its subscription-based service.

According to Microsoft, it is open to ideas to improve the Xbox Game Pass service to better tailor it to its users” requirements.

What do you think of Shadows Of The Tomb Raider and Metro Exodus coming to Xbox Game Pass? Are subscription-based services the future of the video games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Reddit

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