Xbox Game Pass Reportedly Crosses 22 Million Subscribers

Microsoft has reportedly broken through another milestone for its highly popular and ever-growing Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Windows Central editor Jez Corden confirmed that Xbox Game Pass now caters to more than 23 million subscribers across all supported platforms as of April 20, 2021.

That comes to about 5 million new subscribers added in the past three months as the last reported figure was 18 million subscribers back in January. It goes without saying that as impressive as the new figures are, Microsoft has just begun to make Xbox Game Pass a mandatory consideration for all players worldwide.

Xbox Game Pass offers access to hundreds of games for a fairly cheap subscription price. The service gets often described as the Netflix of gaming and for good reason. Microsoft as of late has been trying its best to make new releases available on its subscription-based platform on day one to relinquish the need to purchase a new game for the full retail price.

To quote an example, the new cooperative shooter Outriders was announced to be landing on Xbox Game Pass on day one just prior to its release. Many players who had already pre-ordered hence considered to cancel their purchases in order to play the game through their already active subscription.

To further clarify just how much value Xbox Game Pass offers, Microsoft gave players access to nearly $4,000 worth of games and content in 2020. That comes at a yearly subscription cost of either $110 or $135 depending on whether players subscribed to the basic or ultimate package.

Suffice to say, the active number of subscribers will continue to increase in the coming months. Microsoft still has a number of notable releases up its sleeve like Halo Infinite, Starfield, and The Elder Scrolls 6; all of which will be part of Xbox Game Pass on day one.

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