People Can Fly Asks Fans To Retain Their Outriders Pre-Orders After Xbox Game Pass Announcement

Outriders has joined Xbox Game Pass but which developer People Can Fly hopes will not cause fans to cancel their pre-orders.

Outriders has become another significant addition to Xbox Game Pass but which developer People Can Fly hopes will not cause fans to cancel their pre-orders.

Taking to Reddit earlier today, People Can Fly confirmed that players can easily cancel their pre-orders to instead access Outriders through their Xbox Game Pass subscription at release. However, at the same time, the developer hopes that players will continue to show their trust by retaining their existing pre-orders.

“By maintaining your pre-order you will indeed be helping and supporting the Outriders team,” said the developer. “We truly appreciate anyone who is willing to trust us with a pre-order. This is not something we would ever take for granted and that is why we have tried to lay out your options as easily as possible.”

The options which People Can Fly mentioned here includes players signing into their Microsoft account, finding the pre-order bill and cancelling it for a full refund. If that fails for some reason, players can send in a request for refund through the Xbox refund process. Anyone who pre-ordered Outriders through a local retailer like Amazon or Gamestop will have to contact them directly.

Take note though that Microsoft has so far only announced the game to be available for Xbox Game Pass (and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) on Xbox consoles. It does not appear to be coming to PC.

Furthermore, Xbox players who are already playing the demo will have their current progression carried over if they opt to play the game through Xbox Game Pass after release.

Outriders is a cooperative third-person shooter which was initially slated for a release in 2020 but had to be pushed back twice due to the pandemic. There will now be no further delays. The game is all set to release on both previous- and current-generation consoles, PC, and Google Stadia on April 1, 2021. That as of now covers Xbox Game Pass as well.

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