Another Source Confirms Xbox Anaconda Specs To Be More Powerful Than PlayStation 5

Another source has come out to confirm earlier reports of Xbox Anaconda specs being more “advanced” than PlayStation 5. In an earlier report, multiple insiders called Xbox Ananconda specs more “advanced.”

Of course, “advanced” doesn’t necessarily mean more powerful so a bit of clarification was required. Thankfully, another insider on Resetera confirmed that the specs used in Project Xbox Anaconda aka Xbox Scarlett are indeed more powerful than Sony PlayStation 5.

Microsft’s Xbox Anaconda rumored specs put it somewhere around PS5 but if the system is more advanced, we can safely say some of the leaked details are definitely not true. Not too long ago, Phil Spencer expressed the importance of hardware power. With Xbox One, Microsoft made the mistake of going with balanced hardware design as the focus was on entertainment as much as gaming.

With the next generation Xbox, Microsoft plans to make sure it delivers a more powerful console to developers to work with.

Xbox Anaconda will be discussed at E3 2019 but a full reveal and release are expected in 2020. Some of the rumored games in development for Xbox Ananconda aka Xbox Scarlett are Forza Horizon 8, Halo Infinite, Gears 5, and a new Fable game is reportedly in development as well.

Price wise Xbox Anaconda is expected to be a bang for your buck situation. Xbox Anaconda price is rumored to be $499 which seems reasonable for a console that’s able to push 12TFLOPS. The CPU is based on AMD Ryzen 7nm chip while the GPU is AMD’s NAVI.

Ray Tracing and backward compatibility will add to the appeal of Xbox Anaconda. Many fans will be eager to pre-order Xbox Anaconda but the device won’t be listed on stores until next year.

Microsoft has been preparing for the next-generation of Xbox. The company has bought a number of new studios to add to its first-party studios’ lineup. Of course, Xbox Scarlett is going to benefit from Microsoft’s studio acquisitions.

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