WWE 2K17 Will Have John Cena, Ultimate Warrior, and Sasha Banks

WWE 2K17's roster will include John Cena, The Ultimate Warrior, and Sasha Banks as part of it when the game comes out this October.

The upcoming WWE 2K17 game, the latest offering from 2K games, will have three of the more famous wrestlers in the WWE franchise coming up along with it when it comes out this October.

These include Sasha Banks, one of the most popular wrestlers at the moment, Ultimate Warrior, who died back in 2014, and 15 time world champion John Cena.

Considering how popular these three are, none of their additions to the WWE 2K17 roster can really come as any surprise, even with all of the other superstars available. John Cena’s popularity is not just in WWE but also across the internet for his “Interrupting John Cena” meme, which the man himself has said he loves.

The Ultimate Warrior, despite being dead, was one of the legends of the wrestling circuit while he was still alive. He was active in it right up until his death, as well. He had been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, attended Wrestlemania 30, and made an appearance on Raw before dying of a heart attack the next day.

Sasha Banks in the meantime is still a new face in WWE, but her standout performance in the Triple Threat match at WWE’s Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania 32 won her a lot of fans. Hopefully she’ll get a good portrayal in WWE 2K17.

Hopefully, with two greats and a good up-and-comer being added to the game’s roster, it will prove to be the revitalizing jolt that the WWE 2K series needs in order to make a great game again, after reviews for its games have been slipping for the past few versions.

WWE 2K16 was called a step in the right direction after the negative reviews of 2K15, so hopefully WWE 2K17 will be that final step required to get the WWE 2K games back in a positive light.

WWE 2K17 will be releasing for the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One in October.

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