WWE 2K17: Two More Superstars Scanned

Brie Bella, Bray Wyatt both of them are being scanned for WWE 2K17 by Pixelgun and are most probably to be featured in the game.

WWE superstars Brie Bella and Bray Wyatt both have been scanned for WWE 2K17. It is still unknown whether both these will be available as playable characters in the game.

In a report it is claimed that both of these superstars were scanned by Pixelgun Studio . Pixelgun Studio have done scanning for other major games and movies.

Both of these stars have already been featured as playable characters in previous game, so it is interesting to hear that they are being scanned again. Maybe it is to improve their character models in-game as the technology has improved over time.

But it is not set in stone, as Sasha Banks was scanned last year to be featured in WWE 2k6 but she was never featured in the game. Hope these two will have better luck.

Earlier this month Alundra Blayze/Medusa was scanned for WWE 2K16. She is most likely to be featured as  DLC in WWE 2K16.

As always WWE 2k17 is sure to feature a lot of superstars but the complete list of roster isn’t yet revealed. Two biggest names included are AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura.

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