World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Is The Fastest-Selling Expansion Of The Franchise

Surpassing its predecessors, World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth is now the fastest-selling expansion for the universe of WoW. Surprised by the outcome?

World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth has been released last week, bringing thousands of players back to the world of the Alliance and the Horde. The setting and content of the new expansion are so intriguing and exciting for both old and new players, that it is now reported to be the fastest-selling expansion ever released.

According to Bussiness Wire, Battle for Azeroth’s first full day of launch on August 14, saw more than 3.4 million units of the latest World of Warcraft expansion sold worldwide.

This is a new record for the franchise, which surpasses even the 2.8 million copies sold in the first 24 hours of Wrath of the Lich King. Before that, The Burning Crusade held the scepter of fastest-selling World of Warcraft expansion with 2.4 million within its first day. This is roughly 1 million less than what World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth had.

The new record for World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth almost reaches the height of Diablo 3’s release day back in 2012, with 3.5 million copies sold.

What’s interesting about all these numbers is that World of Warcraft isn’t a pay to play title. More than 3 million players right now have to pay their monthly fee to Blizzard in order to access their game, creating a staggering amount of revenue for the company.

Did we expect that to happen? Yes. While the story of World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth isn’t as deep as the Lich King’s, the “meaning” of it is more powerful. Players that have chosen to pledge their allegiance with the Alliance or the Horde now have to fight for their fight, giving a cause to all expansions combined.

Even in the aspect of gameplay, World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth has managed to keep players all over the world hooked to their screens, maxing one character after another and trying out all the cool new activities.

People have thought that World of Warcraft is “dying”. They were absolutely wrong. This is its high peak and we can’t wait to see what Blizzard has in store for it in the future.

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