Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Tank Builds Guide

If you are the type of player who is tank for your group or just wants to survive longer, these Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Tank Builds are perfect for you

Building the right builds for your group is quite important for the entire group. If you are interested in playing as a tanky character, whether solo or in a group, the following Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Tank Builds are for you.

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Tank Builds

Even if you are a tank, you need to do some damage to be viable in combat on higher difficulties. Your first thought should be: what should be my offensive build? The answer to the question is a Melee build which has been described below.

Once you are done with attack-oriented build your next aim should be a support tank build.

The Gates of Fate will let you choose the nodes that you need as you progress. But your first aim is the Soldier and the Sentinel Tree which will lay the foundation for your Melee Tanky Build.

Melee Tank


Prioritize your node selection as follows:

  • Heavy Blows: +20% melee weapon damage, +20% critical hit damage.
  • Capable: +25% maximum health, +3% Rage cost reduction, +3% Willpower cost reduction.
  • Zealous Might: +15% attack damage, +10% critical hit damage.
  • Pain Resistance Program: +15% to all resistances score, +5% maximum health.

The above perks are the foundation of the Soldier tree, but you don’t have to stick to these. You may choose to specialize in your build by focusing on some other nodes here.

For instance, if you want to emphasize critical hit chance and damage, choose The Wild Card to up your crit chance by a whopping 50%.

Another good choice is Second Wind, which gives you a speedy heal when you are below 30% Hp. This is likely to trigger often as you will have to deal with a lot of monsters


  • Refined Technique: +20% projectile damage, +20% melee weapon damage.
  • Resilient: +20% maximum health, +10% force shield.
  • Chemically Empowered Metabolism: +15% maximum health, +15% health regeneration.
  • Precise Strikes: +15% attack damage, +15% critical hit chance.

These are the backbone of the Sentinel tree, but depending on how you play, you could get Backline Raider node if you like attacking without taking breaks. If you like to roll and dodge a lot, get yourself over to the Pinch Runner skill.


  • Master of the Frontline: +20% melee weapon damage, +5% attack damage.
  • Unleashed Power: +15% attack damage.
  • Whirlwind of Power: +15% melee weapon damage.
  • Blood Rush: +10% maximum health, +35% health regeneration.

As it is in the third ring on the Gate of Fates, when you activate the Zealous Might node in Soldier Tree  you’ll gain access to the Warmonger tree.

These perks increase your damage-dealing ability and should be your first focus if you like killing things quickly.

The above perks give you a foundation to build on, but you can specialize in your damage-dealing as always. if you prefer to do damage over time, get the Blood Reaper perk, which converts 30% of all physical damage into rend damage.

Bestial Frenzy increases your damage output based on the number of enemies nearby, which is ideal for our fighter.


  • Impervious Wall: +10% to all resistances, +10% maximum health.
  • Robust: +15% maximum health.
  • Iron Skin: +15% to all resistances.
  • Kingless Aegis: +10% block chance, and allow any weapon to block.

The Praetorian tree, which becomes available after your work through the Sentinel tree, is focused heavily on staying alive.

These foundational perks increase your defensive and resistance stats, and you can enhance your blocking skills by selecting a couple other strong perks.

The Sacred Oath applies the Weakness debuff to an enemy when you block their attacks making them take more damage.

The Skills and the gear you choose will drastically impact on the way your build performs so choose them wisely. Obviously, as this build is all about attacking, the skills you choose should be accordingly.

As this is Melee build you may opt to choose from any of the following gear

  • One-handed weapon and a shield( better for resistance and blocking attacks)
  • A pair of one-handed weapons or a single one-handed weapon( if you wish to unleash your wrath upon the enemy and deal a large amount of damage)


A support Tank is essential for every group so having that particular class is a must when you are building the group. This section of the guide is all about building a support build.

This Build will have very high Surviving ability, low damage but will tank up your teammates by buffing their resistance and spamming the Hp.

Also, you will need good communication with the team to have an overall effective build.

From the Passive skill tree you will need the following nodes:

  • Blessed Mana which will you and your teammates a lot of tankiness.
  • Selfless Courage which will do the same as the Blessed Mana.

The next thing you need to worry about is having the right skills for the build to work effectively. Your active skill set must consist of:

  • Sovereign Shout which will buff up the attack your allies deal to the enemies by 25%
  • Wings of Ishmir ( this is your mobility inducing skill)
  • Trackers Reach allows you to group the enemies in a smaller area
  • Bleeding Edge( Optional) allows you to deal attack against the enemies around the area
  • Winter’s Grasp(Optional) allows you to freeze your enemies, quite useful if you are using a catalyst as your gear and mobility is a problem. Can also be used defensively.
  • Aether Jump(Optional) allows you to be mobile while wielding a catalyst. Can be used as an escape measure in case your allies are being revived.

For the Gear, your priority for this build, as this is a support build, should be toughness, resistance and hp. Use a Shield if you wish to be tankier. Use a catalyst if you prefer better utility.

So these are the two builds that you could look forward two while making your way through all the monsters you may have to deal with.