Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Journey Into Madness Quest Guide

Journey into Madness is one of the main quests of Wolcen and it has a long list of tasks to be finished that when done will complete the quest. In this Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Journey Into Madness Quest guide we shall discuss tips that will help you get through this quest as quickly as possible. Let’s get started.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Journey Into Madness Quest

In this game, most quests have a number of tasks or missions associated with it.

Following is the mission list of Journey into Madness Quest:

  • Use the world map to fast travel and Report back to Gernese in his camp.
  • Travel to Cordanon.
  • Survive the Ambush
  • Defeat Justicar Azenhal
  • Speak with the Creature
  • Explore the Flesh Frontier
  • Speak with The Lambach
  • Travel through the Flesh Frontier
  • Destroy the Hearts of Corruption
  • Get to the Flesh Forest
  • Travel through the Flesh Forest
  • Destroy the Hearts of Corruption
  • Get out of the Flesh Forest
  • Get inside the Cordanon’s Mines
  • Travel through the Cordanon’s Mines
  • Find the Brotherhood of Dawn men
  • Approach Cordanon
  • Destroy All Foes
  • Banish Zaalbezül
  • Talk to Valeria

Start by fast traveling to Grenese using your World map. She is located at Daybreakers Breached Fort.

She will explain what the Blind prince wants to happen. You need to stop the fear of Ahirman which is what the Blind Prince intends in the Stormfall.

The mission given to you by Grenese would be to locate half of Brotherhood near Crodanon. Now you will have to launch First Contact event by which you and Valeria will travel to Crodanon.

While doing so, you will meet father Heimlock whose daughters you would have to free. But their father wanted to kill them.

Heimlock is Justicar Azenhal’s Grand Inquisitor and you will witness Justicar standing up to Heimlock and by doing so he will aim to take you and Valeria out of the way.

Now, your task is to make it through the ambush and after that, you will have to take out Justicar Azenhal.

It would not be easy as the Justicar has security. There is one guard that you have to take care of before getting to Azenhal. For that, you need to escape his shots and take him out and after that, you will kill Azenhal.

Once you are done, you will speak with Lambach about the Brotherhood and then you will move on to find your Dad.

On this journey you will see your father fighting with Ahirman and that same creature Lambach. Your enemies would be Zaalbezul who is the boss of this quest.

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