Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Lambach Boss Guide

Learn how to take on and defeat the Lambach boss in Wolcen Lords of Mayhem and ensure both phases of the fight don't leave you broken

The Lambach is the boss that you have to kill at the end of Act 2 during the Cordial Invitation quest and defeating it is not that easy. But no need to worry as we are here to tell you how you can take care of this boss easily with out Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Lambach Boss guide.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Lambach Boss

The Lambach boss fight has multiple stages/phases during the Cordial Invitation quest.

Phase #1
Haste makes waste, so take it slow and easy and remember to Fire and Forget the Boss.

There are 6 zones of the boss. There will be a spawner on the wall when the zone starts to blink red, kill it.

With this technique, you would be able to quickly take out these pesky tanky sniper spawns at the start so they are not a problem later on.

If the dps is too low or you are late, damage over time ground effect will take place in that zone as more adds will spawn. The effect will take some time to end so just move out of that region and divert your attention to the other zones.


You will come across the Spinning Beam Attack and to save yourself from it you need to just roll or run through it but be careful to not do it in the same direction as the spinning. It doesn’t do that much damage if any at all.

Move aside to dodge the Slam Attack which is a straight Telegraph from boss to a wall. You would be able to channel your skills safely after that one for a while.

Do not attempt to tunnel the boss. You just need to play his mechanics accordingly which would make it a rather clean fight.

If the fight is not prompting you to do something immediately then you should recharge your resource bar with your skills. By doing so you would be able to burst the mechanics with your high dps skills.

Phase #2
The red circle means whatever is in that spot will get stomped on so avoid going there. You also have to avoid the planted mines.

Try to conserve your dodge charges here as much as you can as there will be Minions spawning in. Just refill your pots at this time.

At first, you will see some Center goo and tentacle slams so you can easily move out of the impact zone but as time progresses they will get faster and more frequent.

You can get to the safe zone by dodge roll. Killer goo is in the middle so maybe just don’t go that way.

Move to the Uber Killah Goo which is very big white circles that have their focus somewhere. That where you need to be in order to be able to channel your damage skills and take out the enemies.

Just remember to always keep firing your Fire and Forget skill at the boss.

Tip: Don’t use your skill to drink a potion.

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