How To Play Co-Op In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty gets harder and harder as you progress through the main story. There are bosses like Liu Bei and Zhang Liao that can beat the hell out of you and can make you quit the game in the middle of the combat. However, the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has made your life easy with features like Co-op, with which you can call your friends for assistance in the middle of a battle.

Some of you might worry about the requirements for playing Co-Op in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Well, don’t worry, as we have got you covered. This Wo Long Fallen Dynasty guide will discuss how players can play this adventurous game with their friends, including the requirements and perks.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty co-op explained

Unlike other games that require players to make some purchases or difficult unlocks to play the game with their friends, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has made it easier for you. However, there are still some requirements that you need to meet to play the game with your friends.

The requirements that you need to complete are:

  • Defeating Zhang Liang
  • Collecting a Tiger Seal

The first requirement that is to beat Zhang Liang is an extremely tough one to meet. Even though Zhang Liang is the earliest boss you face, defeating him is not easy. He is known for his hard hits and can take you down with only a few in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Players are all alone during Zhang Liang’s boss battle, which makes it even more dangerous. As players defeat Zhang Liang, they will almost meet both requirements. Tiger Seal is one of the items that Zhang Liang drops; therefore, picking it up will qualify you to play Co-op.

After this next thing you need to do is to find a battle flag. On reaching the flag, a dialogue box will open up, showing you two new features:

  • Recruit
  • Co-op

Then go to the online lobby. Here you can choose from Recruit or Co-op in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Choose Recruit if you are a host. This will generate a password. Give that password to your friends and ask them to join. If you want to join a friend’s lobby, you need to select Co-op and enter the password that your friend shares with you.

If you need assistance but don’t have a friend who can play with you, don’t worry. You can still team up with random people from around the globe. For that, select the Recruit option for matchmaking.