How To Farm Tiger Seals In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Tiger Seals are used to summon AI allies to help you in fighting battles. The more tiger seals you have, the more...

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has different types of collectibles, each serving different purposes. One of these collectibles is the “Tiger Seal.” In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, Tiger Seals are used to summon AI allies to help you in fighting battles. The more tiger seals you have, the more allies you can summon.

But tiger seals are very rare in the game. You can hardly get one after 4-5 missions and by joining multiplayer lobbies. For that reason, we have prepared this guide to help you farm and earn an insane amount of Tiger seals while playing Wo Long.

How to farm unlimited Tiger Seals In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

There is a way to farm unlimited tiger seals in a legit way. First, you must complete the second mission, “Two Chivalrous Heroes.” If you don’t complete it, this will not work. Once the mission is done, use the Travel feature at any Flag Banner and repeat the mission.

Once you are at the start of Two Chivalrous Heroes, just run around a little, and you will find the precious Tiger Seal on the way. Collect the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty tiger seal and go to the Battle Flag beside it.

Tiger Seal in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Now at the Battle Flag, travel again at the start of the mission and go to the same place where you collected the tiger seal last time.

The seal will be there again, and you can collect it again. Each time you restart the mission, it will take roughly 60 seconds to collect one tiger seal, depending on your loading time.

Until a patch is deployed to fix this, you can basically keep repeating the starting section of the mission to keep farming tiger seals. All you have to do is start the mission and proceed down the linear path and you will see the tiger seal before you encounter Zhao Yun. Shortly after the tiger seal will be the flag you can use to repeat the mission. The actual gameplay time to collect one tiger seal is less than 10s.

Without fearing any catch, you can legitimately collect and stack unlimited tiger seals in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Another reliable way to farm tiger seals is to defeat Vengeance targets. Although this method might be a bit challenging. Killing a vengeance target will always reward you with a tiger seal. Vengeance targets are easy to spot as they are usually near vengeance flags, the graves of other players. Vengeance targets also have a purple Morale rank icon.

Now follow this guide and collect as many tiger seals as you want as you will need them if you struggle at late-game boss fights.

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