Wishlist And Critic Reviews Coming To Epic Games Store

Having launched in a fairly bare-bones state, the Epic Games Store has grown considerably over the past year but even more improvements are needed.

Having launched in a fairly bare-bones state, the Epic Games Store has grown considerably over the past year. That being said, even more improvements are needed. In comparison to Steam, for example, the Epic Games Store still has a long list of missing features. The developer has now confirmed two of those features to be inbound in the coming months.

In an end-of-the-year update that was published a few hours ago, the developer confirmed that “backend integrations and component development” for Critic Reviews have been completed. The feature is currently in testing and will go live for Epic Games Store probably after the holidays are done.

Much like Steam Curator, Critic Reviews will allow users to see what games their favorite reviewers/publications are recommending. The difference being that Critic Reviews will pull reviews from Open Critic, a third-party review aggregator, for every game listed on the Epic Games Store.

The second feature being added is Wishlist, something that the digital marketplace should have had from the start. The developer admitted that Wishlist had been a work in progress for quite a while but still requires more work than originally planned. When deployed, users will be able to add any game on the Epic Games Store to their Wishlist and be notified about any promotions or sales.

Both features are pegged for 2020. As for the current 2019, the Epic Games Store received Coupons and a revised Library. The former was a way to earn credits for future purchases through special events. The latter provided a more dense grid so that users can see more of their games all at once. The developer also made some optimizations so that game tiles and game images get rendered faster.

In addition to features, the developer will be adding a ton of exclusives in the next year. These include games like Godfall, Predator: Hunting Grounds, Surgeon Simulator 2, Rogue Company, The Red Lantern, Before We Leave, Totally Reliable, and Foregone.

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