Windows 10 S Mode Coming In 2019, Microsoft Confirms

Microsoft will be replacing the Windows 10 S with an “S Mode” for Windows 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise versions, however, the company didn’t reveal when it will be releasing until now as Microsoft has revealed that Windows 10 S Mode will be coming in 2019.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore posted on Twitter while replying to a fan and confirmed that Windows 10 S mode will be releasing for Win 10 Pro, Home, and Enterprise in 2019.

We use Win10S as an option for schools or businesses that want the ‘low-hassle’/ guaranteed performance version. Next year 10S will be a “mode” of existing versions, not a distinct version. SO … I think it’s totally fine/good that it’s not mentioned.

While Microsoft will be abandoning Windows 10 S but, it will not abandon its Windows `10 S users as Microsoft will be giving free Win 10 Home upgrade to Windows 10 S Users.

While Windows 10 S users can upgrade to any other version of Windows 10 but that would require them to pay some cash and only Win 10 Home upgrade is free. If you want to upgrade to Win 10 Pro then you will need to drop $49.

While Microsoft will be dropping Win 10 S but reportedly, the company is working on a new OS targeted towards performance like Win 10 S. According to report, Microsoft is working on new version of Win 10 codenamed “Polaris” that will essentially replace Windows 10 S.

According to the report, Polaris will follow the same rules as Windows 10 S and is a brand new version of Windows 10 for desktop PCs. This new version of Windows 10 is built upon the UWP which makes it “Microsoft’s first truly modern Windows OS for the traditional PC form factor”.

Windows 10 S saw a limited release on Microsoft Surface Laptop and other budget laptops. The S mode for other the OS will bring the functionality of Windows 10 S.

What do you think of Microsoft’s decision to drop Windows 10 S entirely in favor of “S Mode”? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Twitter

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