How To Hide Helmet In Wild Hearts

There are several armor sets to equip in Wild Hearts. The only problem is that they completely cover the protagonist’s face. Naturally, many players want to hide the head gear (helmet) to see their faces in the game.

Well, to answer that question about the Wild Hearts head gear, you don’t have to worry as the game give you complete control of character customization. Players can therefore decide the head-to-toe look of the protagonist as they go out in the world to help the people of Minato.

Here we will discuss how players can manage the aesthetics and the character’s base stats together. Players can thus hide the big Head Gear instead of removing it and getting knocked by Kemono’s single attack.

How to hide head gear in Wild Hearts

Head gear in Wild Hearts is an essential armor that players must equip to protect their heads from Kemono attacks. As it is huge and doesn’t fit the protagonist’s personality, therefore players need to hide the helmet if they want the protagonist to look nice.

While players can make their character all customized, there are still some things that are important for the character to wear to increase its basic stat.

Players here can’t simply remove the Helmet and just focus on the overall aesthetics of their character. Monster hunting isn’t just about looks after all as you need to protect yourself as well. Thankfully, there are ways to hide your head gear in Wild Hearts while also keeping the advantages of wearing a helmet.

Here are some of the ways in which players can toggle their head gear in Wild Hearts.

Visit character customization screen

As Wild Hearts begins, places will see a musician who will then tell players about the Minato village, which players then enter to help the people. However, before that, players get their characters customized for all the battles.

Thus, as players visit the Character Customization screen, they can choose “Hide Head Gear,” which will hide the Helmet though its impact would be there.

In case you forgot to hide the Helmet in the beginning when you first got the chance to visit the character customization screen, there is still a way to do it. The Looking Glass Karakuri helps players revisit the character customization screen in the Wild hearts; thus, players can hide the head gear.

However, this Karakuri becomes available as players enter Minato after fighting Ragetail, Wildtusk, and Sapscourge. Therefore players have to wait till they reach Minato.

Use Field Forge 

Players in Wild Hearts can unlock the Field Forge by defeating the Ragetail, the first Kemono player to encounter in the Harugusami way. Once the Forge is unlocked, players need to approach it, opening up the menu.

As players approach the Forge, players will get three options which are:

  • Forge a weapon
  • Forge some armor
  • Change Equipment

As players choose “Change equipment,” a menu will appear showing weapons & armor, Ornaments, Basic Karakuri, and Dragon Karakuri. Press “Weapons & Armors” and then choose head gear. Look at the bottom left of your screen; an option will be “Display Head Gear.” Press this, and your head gear will hide though you still will have the protection. 

If you want the collar to be there and only the headset set to disappear, double-click on the “Display Head Gear” option.