Wild Hearts Giant Kemono Gem Locations: Where To Find Mighty Goldshards

The Wild Hearts Giant Kemono gems have mysterious magical power and are necessary to advance certain weapons in the game.

Giant Kemono Gems are incredibly rare materials that you need in Wild Hearts to advance certain weapons and increase your power levels.

These gems are going to become pretty important as you progress more in the game since you need to upgrade your weapons to keep up with late-game Kemono.

While you will find plenty of materials to craft and upgrade equipment, materials like Giant Kemono Gems are going to give you a massive power spike. You will have a harder time against most of the bosses without them.

This guide will discuss how to farm this precious yet hard-to-find forging item in the Wild Hearts.

How to get Giant Kemono Gems in Wild Hearts

Although you need these special gems in the game’s later stages, one of the main sources of these unique gems is in Chapter 1. You must take on the Earthbreaker, the last Kemono of the chapter, to get the gems as a drop.

There is another Kemono whom you can fight to get this unique gem. After chapter 3, when you start the Mighty Hunts, you will encounter a giant Kemono who will drop the Giant Kemono Gem. The monster that you will encounter is Mighty Goldshard. This crystalline porcupine is a real challenge to fight and defeat, and it doesn’t even guarantee a gem drop.

The Silvergrass Plains and the inside of Winter Solistice Caverns are the Mighty Goldshard locations. In the map below, they are labeled as 2 and 1 respectively, and are as follows.

Note that you will need Wild Hearts Giant Kemono Gems to make the weapons and the armor of the Celestial Dragon but this will require a lot of Gems.

Best way to farm the Earthbreaker boss in Wild Hearts

The main way to farm Wild Hearts Giant Kemono Gems is to farm the Earthbreaker boss. However, the constant cutscenes and having to deal with the Hand Cannon, Flying Vine Dragon Karakuri, etc just make the grind even more frustrating.

Now to make this step as quickly as possible you can use the Hand Cannon in the first phase whose damage remains the same and doesn’t scale with your equipment. You just need to make sure that each shot you hit is accurate and hits the beast. Try using a mouse and keyboard to save yourself a world of pain.

You might think that you would join the fight through the Hunter Gates but the problem is that this is not true in the case of the Earthbreaker and a majority of the time it doesn’t avoid the cutscene.

If you have reached the endgame in the Karakuri progression, you can use the Celestial Thread Anchor basic and the Celestial Cannon Fusion Karakuri in the fight and make it last not more than 10 seconds.

You can also keep the Flying Vines or the Roller Karakuri in addition to the Dragon Karakuris which are present in the world beforehand. Flying vines can be placed to move to and from the fight location and where the Kemono is.

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