What To Do First In Starfield?

Starfield is a massive game with zero pointers for the beginners. With a game of this scope and freedom, it is only natural for players to wonder what they should be doing first. Our guide has a detailed solution to this perplexing problem.

The new open-world RPG Starfield allows players to enter an entire universe that they can explore and visit all the planets in the game as they wish. The only problem with a game of such a huge scope is that the game doesn’t really tell you what to do as you start the game. In a world where players can do anything, we mostly end up unable to understand what to do. This guide will look at what are the first few steps that you do and should take when starting Starfield.

What to do first in Starfield

Getting started in Starfield is a daunting task on its own as you are sent to a pretty detailed character creator. However, don’t worry as we will explain the things you should prioritize doing early in Starfield.

Choose your starting traits and background in character creation

Character creation, other than allowing players to create the character of their dreams, also offers two of the most valuable initial options. These are your character traits and background.

Your background determines the first skills you get. These skills can make a huge difference in how you approach the game. Skills that affect your stealth, your pickpocketing, and your ability to detect items around you all are affected by your background.

Traits offer different pros and cons. You can get a large storage space, and increase your strength or ways of interaction, all these are determined by your starting traits. Traits can be switched out later in the game, so the choice is not as dangerous, but a good starting trait will make things easier as you establish yourself.

Get your ship as the first thing to do in Starfield

In a game where players can explore entire planets, and multiple of them, the first thing players need is a spaceship. It is quite important as not only does your ship allow players to travel easily, but a ship also offers one of the most sought-after feature, the storage. Your ship allows you to store items and gear. This way, players can easily carry all the items that need and only take with them what they need, keeping them from getting overloaded.


The better ship you have, the further you can travel through space and the easier it will be for you to explore the world of Starfield.

Manage your weight load

It might not seem so, but the total load players can carry is considerably low in Starfield. You get a lot of stuff players and carrying it all will overload you. The first thing players need to do is make sure they only bring the stuff you need.

For this, players can either focus on getting a powerful ship for themselves or share their load with their companions. Players can freely give and take items from their companions. Since companions don’t get overloaded, just get them to carry the heaviest items in your inventory and you will breeze through the start of the game.

Join a faction

Starfield offers players different factions to join early in the game. There are four different factions in Starfield, and selecting among them is a topic for another guide, but here, we just want to say that you should pick one ASAP. Every faction offers different benefits and new missions that offer special rewards and higher loot and credits.

You can change your faction later if you are not happy with your current faction and get other rewards. Either way, we recommend that you join a faction as soon as you get the chance to do so.


The universe in Starfield is vast and huge. Keep in mind that it’s not a single planet, it’s literally an entire universe with hundreds of planets for players to explore. You may get too invested in a single planet and forget to explore the remaining planets of the game.

Exploring different planets allows players to unlock quick travel points and go around the planets, and different part of the same planet easily.  You can either explore planets on your own or through different quests. The best quest players can do is the Cydonia Mining questline.

It might seem like a menial questline, but this early questline takes you through multiple planets, allowing you to explore and earn at once. We also recommend that players go to planets that are close but off the main path. These planets will allow you to further increase your exploration and meet new NPCs, making it easier to travel later in the game and get all the items you might need.

Modify your weapons as the first thing to do in Starfield

Using guns in the game is fun, but do you know that players can make your guns even better if you modify them. Modifying these weapons allows you to increase their different features. Damage, range, ammo capacity, you can improve these by using a Weapon Workbench.

Don’t sleep on your weapon modification. Modified weapons can help you deal with different situations better, such as a high-damage weapon for tough enemies, a high fire rate weapon for when you are facing multiple enemies or a high accuracy setup for long-range fights. Weapon modification will make it easier for you to deal with different situations as desired.

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