Watch Dogs NVZN Guide – Alien Waves, Tips, Weapons and How To Play

It is hard to tell whether NVZN is inspired from Saints Row IV or Michael shooting down Aliens in Grand Theft Auto V.

Those of you who didn’t get a chance of diving in and trying out NVZN, it’s an augmented-reality game revolving around Aiden Pearce shooting down multiple waves of invading alien forces.

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Watch Dogs NVZN

Similar to Cash Run, NVZN can be played both from Aiden’s smartphone and specific locations marked on your map. There are a total of 21 waves of alien forces, but you only need to complete 5 to attain 100% game completion.

Getting Started

After starting a game, you’ll receive 5 lives, a small handgun, and 100 seconds on the clock. Utilizing all these things, you must take out every alien species within allotted time to clear a wave.

Your regular weapons and smartphone hack will be rendered useless while playing NVZN. Health regeneration system works like normal and you’ll respawn until you run out of lives (which can be picked up from random locations).


There is a whole plethora of alien species that NVZN throws at your way! These alien species emerge out of a mysterious portal. Below you’ll find a list of alien species that you’ll encounter in the game:

These small flying aliens are practically benign. Well, unless they undergo evolution and turn out as something lethal. However, as drones, you can easily take them out; even with your Alien Pistol.

Speaking of Drones’ evolution, Hunters are the first thing Drones evolve into. These species don’t have much locomotion and that’s why are easier to kill. Don’t take any chance though as they can do decent amount of damage.

Projectiles from Hunters eat up your lives in no time, therefore; take them out when you have the chance. Another good reason to take them out is their evolution. I’ll talk about it in a while!

Leave Hunters roaming in the battlefield and they’ll eventually evolve into a Queen. The most frustrating thing about Queens is their ability to reproduce Drones after every six seconds.

However, one good is that, these abominations cannot reproduce or practically do anything without depending on a human. Hence, starting a game in desolated areas renders them harmless.

Pods are also result of Hunters’ evolution. Now you know how crucial it is to kill those douches. These can deal significant damage when standing idle.

Pods are automatically killed, but only after giving birth to 4 new Drones. Bear in mind that it takes 12 seconds for a Pod to give rise to Drones which is more than sufficient to kill them.

You can also let them give rise to Drones and kill themselves, but only if you’re able to handle those Drones.

Weapon Arsenal and Pickup Items

While playing NVZN, you won’t be able to carry more than one weapon, so switching is totally out of question. Aiden will automatically drop a weapon if he switches to another weapon or runs out of ammo.

At the start of the game, Aiden will be provided with a variant of regular 9mm pistol with infinite ammo and no hassle of reload, but with almost null damage.

Luckily, these alien species drop quite a few handy items after dying which can be picked up and used in battle:

Fusion Repeater
This can be regarded as an alien variant of standard SMG in the normal game-world. This gun has 60 rounds and has really high rate-of-fire.

You’ll pick it up in the earlier waves from fallen alien soldiers.

Ion Blaster
Having only 10 rounds, Ion Blaster is the shotgun aliens use in Watch_Dogs. Since the beginning of my career at Watch_Dogs, I’ve always complained about Shotguns dealing massive damage even from a long-range.

Luckily, Ion Blaster proves me wrong. This close-range beast is a perfect example of how a Shotgun should be! You won’t find it useful against Drones, but it’s a Hunter killing-machine.

Laser Carbine
Having the slowest rate-of-fire and highest damage output in NVZN, Laser Carbine is practically a Sniper Rifle which fires from the hip.

The only drawback of this weapon is less rounds (which is 12). Other than that, this weapon is an absolute beast at every range.

Pulse Rifle
I wouldn’t mind calling this weapon as the ACR that aliens use. This weapon can tear away any alien species with its 42 rounds, amazing rate-of-fire, and insane damage output.

This is certainly my personal favorite weapon from whole weapon arsenal in NVZN.

Smart Bomb
This is a strange type of bomb! It’ll detonate as soon as Aiden will pick it up, but the explosion damage is more than enough to kill every alien in the blast radius which is relatively smaller than Frag Grenades in normal game-world.

Extra Life
Throughout the map, you’ll come across Extra Life in the shape of a heart. Picking it up will provide you with one extra life. Simple as it can be!

Time Extension
Along with the Extra Life, you might also stumble upon a green clock which will get you additional +15 seconds to add to your timer.

Bonus Waves

Along with the regular waves in the game, you’ll also get Bonus Waves after completing 4 waves.

These bonus waves have their own set of rules and goals. You will be provided with a specific weapon and power-ups and you must complete it under provided time to claim your rewards.

One important thing about these Bonus Waves is that alien species don’t attack you in these waves. In order to complete these waves, you must reach the score limit or kill all the aliens in the area.

Laser Carbine Challenge
In this challenge, you would be provided with a Laser Carbine with 12 rounds and you must kill 9 Hunter flying in the air within 42 seconds to complete this Bonus Wave.

Time Extended Challenge
You’ll see four mysterious portals at the beginning of this challenge with Drones flying out of it. Upon their death, these Drones will drop in Time Extension items which can be picked up to add 15 seconds to the clock.

Pulse Rifle Challenge
The main objective of this challenge is to accumulate 8,000 points within 42 seconds which can be done by killing 20 Drones coming out of the alien portal.

The easiest way of completing this challenge is to stand in front of the Alien Portal and being shooting at them. It shouldn’t be a problem since they fly in straight line.

Smart Bomb Challenge
This challenge also requires you to kill Drones, but without any specific time limit. Your task is to kill Drones in the hope that they’ll drop in a Smart Bomb which you will pick up for a massive explosion killing away all the Drones.

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